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Kevgrl - November 10

October 31st, my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x. I had just finished my period on the 29th- so I thought myself not to be fertile. Anyway, he pulled out like a half of a second before he ejaculated. We were active a day before that and he also came then. I heard that frequent s_xual activity increases the potency of the pre-ejaculate. Anyway, about 3 days later (from the 31st) I started spotting. I spotted four about 2 to 3 days and then it stopped. I've also been having some discomfort in my lower back and cramps in my stomach. I'm really worried that I'm pregnant. What do you all think? Also, I've been more tired than usual, but I'm thinking that maybe that could be attributed to the stress of this whole situation. What do you all think? When is the earliest that I can take a test? which one? I could wait for my period to show or not show up, but I'd like to know now if possible.


Viv - November 10

Sounds like a good description of implantation spotting and a few early signs of pregnancy - tired, aches and cramps way ahead of PMS. If that is what it is, you must have ovulated early this month. There is some chance of a positive test two weeks after conception (say Nov 14) and a better chance at 3 weeks (Nov 21). People here like First Response, but if price is an issue buy something less sensitive and wait a couple days later. Use first pee in the morning for max concentration. Happy hunting!


Kevgrl - November 12

Thanks. I'm hoping that I'm not. I dont know whether it's the power of suggestion (it certainly doesnt feel like it), but I've been experiencing some nausea. This started yesterday and was especially bad this morning. As a matter of fact, I'm experiencing it as I write this. I had a bowl of cheerios over an hour ago and after I finished it, the nausea started.I'm still thinking about which test to take and when... Thanks for your response. If anyone else has anything to add, please do so. =)


Jo - November 12

Hi! I am kinda in your boat Kev. I have the discomfort in lower back and abdominal cramps too. My only s_xual encounter was Aug 21st but b/f used condom and didn't ejaculate inside. However, he did with oral s_x afterwards. I went to the bathroom afterwards and I know I felt myself cause it was my first time and I felt irritation there. I am wondering myself if I am or not. I know what you mean about the suggestion, i wonder that same thing. Like my mind is making these symptoms to justify not getting my period since that day. I do have slight abdominal cramps but wonder if thats just stress or not. I only have nausea very occasionally. Guess Im lucky there. I would like to know about the tests, which one is better and accurate too. I wish i could help ya and I wish you the best!


teyon - November 12

i had s_x october 16,2004 i went to clinic on october15,2004 he smoke alot of weed he nutted and me 4times the doctor gave me birthcontrolpills i started on a sunday october17,2004 could i be prengant or not then one day i hade took 4pills i got real sick


Audrey - November 12

Teyon- did the doctor give you actual birth control pills or a "morning after pill" that brings on a period? With birth control pills you only take one each day. Taking more than one a day can make you sick and mess up your system badly. With the morning-after there are only four pills, two taken one day, then two the next day. These force a period to happen.


Kevgrl - November 15

I'm still experiencing all of the symptoms that I previously mentioned. I took a first response pregnancy test today and I got a barely there positive line. It's so light and barely detectable that I doubted it's accuracy. I'm gonna test again tomorrow morning.



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