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Jess - October 10

My husband and I are trying to have a baby. This cycle I am on started 3 days late, and since the day I started I have been sick to my stomach, even throwing up once (this is very unusual for me). I'm on my thrid day and now my period is extremely light (also very unusual). Could I be pregnant or am I having an odd period? Thank-you


Indi - October 10

Hi Jess... your post is confusing. What do you mean when you say your cycle started 3 days late? Does that mean your LAST period was three days late and now you are on your next period and it is light? Throwing up, etc could be froma lot of things...including stomach flu, so that is not a definitive sign. However, bleeding doesn't necessarily mean you're having af either. How often are you BDing? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Do you monitor your fertility signs, CM? BBT? Charting? Using fertility monitor? Fingers crossed that you are preggers, but from what you've written, no way to say one way or the other.


far - October 10

halo..i suggest u wait for a few days..maybe 5-6 days.. then test with a home preg test kit.. thats the only way to know.


Jess - October 10

To clarify my post (sorry for being confusing) my current period was 3 days late and am now on the 3rd day which is extremely light compared to normal. I have started monitoring my ovulation with the o-test, but just during the last month, so nothing really to compare to before that other then slight memory for that part. I am also new to this "trying to get pregs scene" and the terms such as AF BD are unfamiliar. Anyways, I guess to make a much more simple question, even though my period was late and I have had 2 days of a "normal" period but tons of nasuea (sp) is it possible to be pregnant?


bev - October 10

Hi Jess, your period being light, late and short could be implantation bleeding. I agree with far, wait a few days then test. Good luck! p.s AF = aunt flo (period) BD = bed down


Sweetness4ever - October 10

Hi Jess, I am sorta in the same boat with you. I was due for AF (aunt Flo) three days ago, my cycle is clockwork regular, but now no AF. But my last cycle was ontime, but extremely light and that was unusual. I don't know what to do. my only symptom is itchy nipples. So I am lost. I took a HPT (home preg. test) and got a BFN (big fat negative). I am not sure if I am late or if I am in fact prego. Can anyone help us please. Thanks and lots of baby dust to all !!!!


Becca - October 10

Yes, it could be IB (implantation bleeding). If you think you are pg, then take another hpt and see. To bev...doesn't bd stand for "baby dance" aka, s_x?


Anjela - October 10

Jess your descriptions made interesting reading for me... I started 'bleeding' six days b4 I should have, very very light but still like a normal period... so I was unsure if it was IB... I'm still too frightened to take a test (really really want to be preg!!) but will wait until the weekend (ie 3 days after my AF was due)... Honestly don't know if I did have a period because I was so active for the first time in almost a year (!!!) or if it was IB and I am pregnant....



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