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Brandi Nikki - January 10

Hi! me and my hubb have been ttc for ahile now...but i was on Depo for 1 shot and then was on ortho for around 4 months. I Have took several test(1st responce) that have said neitive..but i donno if i did them right it wasnt my 1st pee of the day lol....but this moning i took one...a EPT and it said pregnant when i took out the strip it had the 2 i know it says i am prgnant. but i donno if i should believe it....I have had no signs like morning sickness or anything...i use the bathroom a little more and have had gas...which i never have,,,(sorry if thats TMI) other than that i am my normal self ^_^ my last period was Dec 5th-Dec9th so i am 5 days late this month. i took a due date cheek thing it said i was 6 weeks....could that be? 6 weeks?if so then y would thoses test still say neg...see i am so confussed. so what do yall think....could i be? i will take my other test in the morning....^_^


jeanette - January 10

Was that EPT a digital? I have never heard of the digital ones being wrong, if thats the test you used.....and not all women have symptoms of pregnancy until later, I would say congratulations!!!


Brandi Nikki - January 10

yea it was digital...might have been a EPT nock off hubby got but it was 99.9% right it says. but what i dont understand is y the 1st responce that tells u 5 days sooner says i wasnt...but EPT digital does... here is a pic of the test ( )


Brandi Nikki - January 10 opps...there it is...


jeanette - January 10

Hey Brandi, I looked at your pic, and couldnt see the pregnant message....but if thats what it says....they you are pregnant!! False positive especially with a digital hpt are very very rare.....CONGRATS!!! Make an appt. with your Doc!!


jeanette - January 10

Oh and if you are still not sure about it and want to confirm, just go get a blood test at your Doc or wait another week and take another hpt......and thats all I know to do. God bless!


Brandi Nikki - January 11

I also had a posotive today ^_^ I couldnt take 2 tet that say i am and be wrong could I? I am going to the doc 2morrow


Nell - January 11

I know how you feel.... cept I am making myself wait to test til friday. I am late 4 days. my af was due the 9th. I would wait 2 days and test again they say HCG levels double every 2 days. I BET YOU ARE! SO CONGRATS!!!!!


Brandi Nikki - January 12

Nell good luck! I am hoping I am.kinda have pudge.i did a thing to see how far along I would be if i am and it said 5weeks..6weeks today i concived on the 11th or 12th.I want to take more test 2 see what they say...but i guess i can wait to have the doc do it tomorrow...i hope i can lol



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