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zoe52782 - July 7

Hi everyone, Im new here and this is my first time posting. I was just wondering if its possible I could be pg. My last af was June 5th. I usually get af around day 29 or 30, which means I would have started July 4th. I am about 3 days late and I dont really have any symptoms of af coming. Usually I have sore breats before af and this time nothing. I took a dollar tree test on Monday (the 3rd) but got distracted and didnt look at it until about an hour later. I noticed a very very faint line. So today I went to Target bought another test (Accu-Clear) and it came up negative. My symptoms are mild cramping, creamy discharge (sorry tmi), darker/sore nipples and still no af. I still have one more Target test and I was thinking of waiting until Monday to take it, which would make me a week late. I dont know if I can hold out that long, I might have to break and go to the dollar tree to buy a few more tests. any advice or similar pregnancy stories would help. tia!!


Grandpa Viv - July 7

Sure, a week late is a good time to start testing. Some women have to wait longer than that. Use first morning urine (fmu). You have enough signs to keep hope alive, especially the missed period. Good luck


Clarissa23 - July 7

the dollar tree tests are more sensitive than accuclear..i would go get another dollar tree test and take it in the morning


sarahd - July 7

Zoe are you ttc?


zoe52782 - July 7

Yes, we have been ttc off and on since August 2005. I think I will go to dollar tree today and test again first thing tomorrow morning. thank you.


kristina1980 - July 7

Hi Zoe, my AF should arrive today. But like you I don't have any symptoms. Usually I am 27-29 cycle. and also sore b___bs 5 days ahead. I am taking ovulex, so I think it can be the reason for late period as well. I don't feel pregnant, but I don't feel like before AF neither. I'll wait a week or so and if AF doesn't arrive I'll test. good luck


kaylas mom - July 7

well i am almost a week late and no af and i have taken 2 $1 hpt and they were both BFN..any advice?


zoe52782 - July 7

Hi Kristina, let me know how everything goes with you if you decide to test. Af still hasnt arrived for me and I wasnt able to make it to dollar tree today so I think I just might test tomorrow with the one I still have. Kaylas mom, do you have any symptoms? When did you test? You should wait a few days and test again with fmu since the lcg doubles every 2 days. Let me know how it goes.


kristina1980 - July 8

Hi, no AF. I even went to gym to jump up and down, sometimes it help AF to arrive, but nothing. I felt very weak and dizzy after I exercised and had to have a bowl of icecream. Thought my b___bs started to hurt but it was due to uncomfortable bra. Actually I went to the doc on the 6th just for regular check up (I had chlamydia 1.5 ago) and she did a preg. test but negative. talk to you all little later.


kaylas mom - July 8

I have all of the symptoms!! I tested on the 5-6 and both were BFN but i was only 2-3 days late.


mrose - July 8

hey zoe...I just wanted to let you know to be care with dollar tree test, they are very bad about giving evaporation lines that look very promising, like they are the real thing, a real faint positive, but in all actuallity they are not. i've had this happen a couple times... I would only trust it fully if it was a darker line within the time frame. just wanted to pa__s that on. goodluck, and let us know how it goes!


zoe52782 - July 8

Well, I still dont know what is up with me. I just tested this morning with the Accu-Clear and it was negative. I am about 4 days late and I have never been this late before. Kristina, maybe it was too early for you to test since you were suppose to start yesterday. keep me posted Kaylas mom, I have all the symptoms too and the wait is killing me! mrose, I was thinking about buying another test today but with what you said I dont know if I should go with dollar tree. thanks and goodluck to everyone.


kristina1980 - July 8

Morning everyone! (I live in Alaska) No AF. No symptoms. Don't get it. 3 months ago when I was late, I had huge stomach full of gas but now I feel great. Weird thing is, that I was pregnant before (didn't keep it) but I felt it right away, I even tested on the day my AF was due, and the test almost screamed how pregnant I was. Well, I just wait and keep doing what I'm doing. Good luck


kristina1980 - July 10

HI everybody, NO AF, no signs at all, no signs of preg. neither. I feel sick which might due our 4 hour cruise in Alaska wildlife. but that's about it. I am 2 days late by now. Well If you girls have any news, let me know.


zoe52782 - July 10

Hi Kristina, still no AF (day 5 or 6) and no signs of it for me. Today I felt a little off and I have a sour stomach feeling all day. Tonight after dinner my stomach hurt really bad and I felt nauseous. I didn't test today, but I might tomorrow. Have you tested yet? Let me know what happens.


kaylas mom - July 10

zoe... you are the only person that i have heard say that they have a sour stomach. i have one almost everyday sometimes it lasts a few hours others a few days. i am now a week late. i took 2 of the $1 hpt and they were BFN. I took them when i was 2&3 days late. I think that I may test later in the week. Do you have alot of heartburn? I get it and it doesnt matter what i eat. Let me know so i do not feel crazy


zoe52782 - July 10

Hi Kaylas mom, I just got the sour stomach today and have had it all day. Also, this morning I got a donut and I could only eat half then I just couldnt swallow it anymore, which was weird. I haven't had heartburn yet but I have seen that as a pg symptom. I dont know why I got the sour stomach, but I will let you know if its still there tomorrow. I tested twice yesterday and both BFN. I think you should test tomorrow morning. It is very weird for me to not have started yet. The only time I was late I had an early mc in Sept on cd 36 (I was only 1 week late) but I tested cd 31 and got BFP. Now Im on cd 35-36 and no BFP or sign of AF. Are you having any other symptoms?



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