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naner - February 14

Ok, my situation is a bit interesting. We messed around about a week ago. We did use a condom but fooled around before actually putting it on. Even though there wasn't penetration until it was actually on, we came pretty close. The day after, I started feeling a bit nauseas. I know this may sound very odd but my mother told me that when she got pregnant with me, she started feeling nauseas the very next day. The feeling is slight but if I really think about it, I can actually throw up. So I just try to relax and take deep breaths. I've been feeling this way since then - 9 days now. At exactly one week after, I noticed spotting when I went to pee. It wasn't enough to be on the panties, but it was there when I wiped. I've always been very regular with my periods, and spotting has never happened before. I don't have any other symptoms that I've noticed. Part of me really wants to be, but am wondering if perhaps this is all in my head. Is the nausea too soon? Has anyone experienced or heard of something like this?


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 14

I guess anything is possible and if you have bleeding 9 days later that could be imlantation bleeding, but who knows. When is your next cycle? Maybe you can test. usually 3 days after implantation you can get a faint positive with an early response test. It seems sudden but if your mom felt that way there maybe something to it If I were you I would test


naner - February 14

My next cycle should not be until early March. I think it is pretty early but I guess testing will be the best thing. One other thing I have been feeling a bit is cramps. Not as strong as when I get my period, but I feel if my cycle is near.


Grandpa Viv - February 14

Are you sure about your next period due date? If it is March 1st, you ovulate tomorrow. Nine days ago you were at the tail end of your period, unless you normally have a 35 day cycle. Something is not adding up.


krissy2006 - February 15

naner, you may be feeling nauseous due to hormone fluctuations due to ovulation. It is NOT possible to feel nauseous the day after due to pregnancy because after the sperm finds the egg it takes about 6-10 days for the embryo to reach the uterus where it begins to burrow in. When it starts to burrow in, only THEN will pregnancy hormones begin to flow and cause you faint nausea. So I agree with Grandpa Viv, something isn't adding up . . .



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