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omgwhat2do - November 26

Ok, here's the background of my story. Last month I had a normal monthly cylce, came around the 22nd like normal. About a week and a half later the condom broke during s_x. I went to the store the next evening and got the plan B morning after pill and took those as directed. About a week ago or so I thought I was going to have my monthly cycle early because I had all the symptoms and cramping and I knew that the plan B pill could throw it off schedule. Well I only had spotting and bleeding for part of the day and nothing after that. Starting last Thursday (thanksgiving) I started to feel sick to my stomach. Then from Saturday through today I have been running a low grade fever (about 99.5) so I thought I was getting sick but I have no other symptoms of a cold, no runny nose no sore throat, no ear aches, nothing. So here's a list of the symptoms I have had. -Monthly cycle about 4-5 days late -Low Fever -Nauseated -Some cramping -Changes in eating habits and smell -Extremely tired -Very noisy stomach (like gurgling and other loud noises) -Thicker liquids down below (sorry if tmi) and more wet throughout the day I obviously wasn't planning on becoming pregnant so I have no clue if I am making something out of nothing. So any help or advice on whether these are signs I could be pregnant would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Impatient - November 26

You could definitely be pregnant- you really need to take a test asap.


omgwhat2do - November 26

Thank you for your response :)


Kair_free2 - November 26

My friend took plan b last month and her period showed up two weeks late on the dot. plan b can delay ovulation in attempts to avoid pregnancy - so maybe you're af is just behind schedule now. If your period is 4-5 days late now, i think you can definitely take a test. Those symptoms do seem like they could be pregnancy related though, so even if you are just going to wait and see if af shows up late it might ease your mind to take a test now. Good luck - you will be fine no matter what the outcome is! :-)


Grandpa Viv - November 26

It is considerably more likely that you are experiencing after effects of PlanB. Take a home preg test next weekend first morning pee. I think it will be negative. Good luck!


omgwhat2do - December 1

Ok, I'm now about 9 days late, took a home test and it came back neg but I still don't have any signs or feelings of starting my period anytime soon. I am still having some cramping in my stomach (not like normal), I have been extremely tired lately, stomach is still bloated and making excessive noise, changes in eating habits and i also have some foods that I can't eat anymore (makes me feel sick), also much thicker cm still. So I know the home test said neg, but my period still has yet to show. Any ideas??


omgwhat2do - December 1

By the way, I took the test about 5 days ago.


XxbebexX - December 1

test could def show up now! use first response, its stronger! good luck


omgwhat2do - December 8

Ok, still no period. Now I am having very vivid dreams, before I would never remember my dreams, but now I am dreaming every single time I go to sleep. I am also finding myself so exhausted, to where I am napping almost everyday. I am also incredibly irritable now (never this bad with pms). Also my cm is very lotion like. I thought I was getting a bladder infection the other day because of the cramping pain feeling on my left side, but that went away after a few hours. Any ideas? I talked to the doc and she said I shouldn't be experiencing any symptoms from the PlanB pill I took anymore. (also I took this pill before and it didn't change my period at all and I didn't have any side effects the last time I took it).


Grandpa Viv - December 8

It's two weeks since you took a test. hCG doubles every few days. Take another test tomorrow first morning pee, Dollar Store works fine. It is beginning to sound like PlanB did not work for you. Come back and let us know. Goodluck!


omgwhat2do - December 9

As much as I didn't want or wasn't planning on becoming pregnant, I'm to the point now where I kind of hope I am. I will probably be testing again tomorrow morning, fingers crossed. =)



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