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hopingwishingwaiting08 - April 30

Ok, so I don't temp, or any of that fancy stuff. I want this to be as interference/help free as possible. At least for now. If we experience problems conceiving, then I will resort to more drastic measures. That said, here are some symptoms I have been experiencing within the last week and a half, give or take. I really started noticing things this past weekend... It started out with some cramping and some short, sporadic, but SHARP pains in my lower abdomen. Then it progressed to sensitivity to things that normally smelled good, suddenly didn't...I love the smell of freshly baked bread and we were at Walmart and they have a Subway in it and the smell of the bread almost made me yak! I've noticed that certain foods that I eat, don't smell so good even while cleaning up or heating leftovers. puking, thank heavens. *Knocks on wood* But random spurts of sickness where I feel quesy, that come and go. Fullness in my lower tonight, I ate around 7 and at around 11 had half an egg salad sandwich, and the smell of it made me nauseous but i ate it even tasted funny, and I ADORE egg salad! Raised glands around my nipples...which I noticed tonight while in the tub. Normally I get little bumps right around the time my period is supposed to show, but these are all the way around my nipple...on both nipples! B--t tenderness/heaviness. The heaviness is kinda sporadic, but they are really tender, which is also a sign of AF getting ready to show, but still...LOL. And I also have a rash on my belly...not going past my belly button, but nonetheless it's little bumps...mainly on my left side. Not sure what is causing them, but I wanted to doc_ment it for future reference. I am also moody, which is another sign of AF, so it doesn't really count. And I am peeing more, but I also drink a lot of iced tea and this may be caused from that. However, I went twice before bed the last three nights and still had to get up once during two of those nights to do again. Also experiencing some wicked heartburn, which my mom had with my one little sister for her entire pregnancy. Not sure if heartburn is a symptom, but again, for future reference! So, with all that, I wonder. And it's only Wednesday. Technically I could test today and still get an accurate result, but I am going to stick it out to Friday, which is the first expected day of my period. If nothing happens by Sunday morning, I go out and buy a test. Baby dust to me? Please help! I don't know if I can wait till Friday or Saturday! But at the same time I don't want to get my hopes up! Sigh. If you want my "chart" I can post it for you...I keep it in a handy calendar and then write it out in a journal. FF confused me! LOL. Baby Dust to everyone else!! Anyone get any BFP's?


clindholm - April 30

Sure sounds like some good symptoms! I would not be able to wait to test, I would do it as soon as af is late. Good luck!


Treybugs Momma - April 30

I know nothing about charts but I am having the same kind of symptoms tooo!!! I have been peeing alot but I am very big on not holding pee in and getting it out. LOL I cringe when I see women say they held thier pee for 4 hours. Poor little kidneys!! I would already have been to the store and tested if it were me. LOL But then again I would most likely get another BFN. Tommorow makes the longest day in any cycle I have had for the last 6 months. 33 days. So I am trying to wait to test till tommorow but I saved my fmu this morning so I just know I will go buy a 2 pack and use them both in the next 24 hours. I started testing last week. ( I know I know) but I thought hey maybe this is the month I am supposed to have a 25 day cycle. So lets just say this month has been ruff because I have such irregular periods. I never chart or do any of that and literally just learned what a cervix is and how to find it. :)



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