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*~Jasmine~* - May 15

HI, my name is Jasmine. I am a newlywed who hasn't had a normal period since november....when that was even irregular. I am having most of the pregnancy symptoms, especially when I am not worried about being pregnant and am not thinking about it. I am playing the waiting game again... I am do for af on the 18th. I had spotting last week on like thursday ( not much, i only see it if i look at the tissue when i wipe and i wore white almost all week). I had a problem with urination all of a sudden i had to urinate and then when i got to the bathroom i had leaked urine all over the place. I just look bloated all the time and my stomach isn't too much larger than normal. My husband and friends think i am pregnant and are demanding i go to the dr, when last time i was told i was too yound and that af wasn't normal enough to get pregnant at the age of 18 and then the dr refused to do an ultrasound when my stomach was obviously swollen. Then the doctor did a blood test for thyroid issues and some other female hormone but not a pregnancy test. My doctor then told me that if a urine test was not positive then there is no chance that i am pregnant and that a blood test is more likely to give me a false positive. What do you all think?? I could really use support and advice from anyone and everyone because i am so confused and my hubby has a listening issue.


Amie - May 15

I'm in a a very similar situation. I was resently married in july and going through very similar sypmtoms. The spotting you described sounds like implantation. I was told by a mid wife that a lot of woman she see's does not test postive untill at least the 6th week of pregnancy. Even then you could not test postive till later or never!!! My mother didn't test postive on her 1st pregnancy until she was 5 months pregnant with me and was on her period, while b___stfeeding my brother who is only 1 yr 2 weeks older than I. Womens' hormones are part of our greatest mystries, and however much we wish to understand what we are going through. So far the only thing I have had to learn along this path is to have patience. Eventially we will find out, but keep tring to test your self and try for an ultrasound around after about 7 to 12 weeks of pregnancy if you know where you might be at all. Good luck and keep in touch.....



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