Could I Be Or Couldnt I Be

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BitRSweet - May 25

For the past month i have had these symptoms, and i am not expecting my next period for another 2 weeks, but my symptoms are -Nauseous - tired through out the day and seem to be wide awake at night time -dizzy/light headed -cramps in lower stomach like im going to get my period but im not, i have the drip feeling there i know sounds weird! lol -feels like lower stomach area is getting bigger and every so often i get this feeling where my heart just fell into my stomach, you know the feeling when you hear/see something you didnt want to , hard to explain, anyways after that is when i usually get dizzy or light headed, could i be pregnant? i did two clear blue digital and it was -. maybe tested to soon?!


BitRSweet - May 25

oh and i have been realy ga__sy, i havent changed anything in what i eat, im actually a very picky eater and the past month i have been quite ga__sy.


Lin - May 25

Probably not, if you're getting negative tests and had a period two weeks ago. Have you recently quit birth control?


BitRSweet - May 26

the thing is though, my period was barely there last month, and i have been off of birth control for close to a year. What does being off of birth control have to do with it hun?? when i went off it i had none of these signs, just a real heavy period for the first few months.


Lin - May 26

A majority of women have all kinds of pregnancy symptoms after quitting birth control due to the hormone changes. If you didn't, then you're one of the lucky few. Ovulation can also be the culprit for pregnancy-like symptoms, and it's the right time of the month for it. There is a small minority of women who get very late or no positive pregnancy tests; however the chance of being one of those ladies AND one of the few who have substantial (i.e. period-like) bleeding during pregnancy is very low.


Grandpa Viv - May 26

Did you have unprotected s_x around 4/20? An unusually light period fits the pregnancy pattern. Nausea, dizzy, fatigue, wet down there, ga__sy, bloating, are positive signs. How about emotional, runny nose, b___b changes, acne changes or some of the more unusual stuff. If you have not taken a test in the last week, I would try again. Good luck!



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