Could I Be Or Just Wishful Thinking

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kiki - June 15

im due for my af on the 23 - 24. weve been trying to get pregnant so i dont know if maybe the symptoms are all in my head or not. but ive been feeling really bloated lately and very tired. i have had stomach pain and been useing the bathroom alot i wake up about 3 times a night just to pee. and this is kinda gross but when i stick my finger inside my cervix feels soft and when i pull it out it has white stuff on it not like regular cm. i am really hungry at times but feel so nauseas that i cant eat. i hate the waiting and hoping and finding out that your not pregnant. has anybody else had these symptoms or am i just going crazy?


faith - June 15

everything that you have decribed as a symptom are all symptoms of no i don't think your going crazy. but sorry to tell ya that i think it's too early to test so ya still gotta wait .good luck


wondering - June 15

I have been trying to find my cervix opening and dont know if I am feeling for the right thing. How do u you know your reaching your cervix and that if it open or closed?


Mickey - June 15

That is exactly what I feel like and I wonder if it is all in my head.I went off the pill two and a half months ago and have not got a period yet. Apparently this is normal but it makes the waiting even worse. On top of that, it is really hard to track "the perfect time" when not getting a period.


kiki - June 16

Well i went to he doctors today for something other then being prregnant and while i was there he did a urine test and it came back negative. so apparently im not pregnant. its upsetting but good luck to all of you.


val - June 16

Kiki, Just because the doc's test came back neg. that doesn't mean that your not preg. I have been reading alot of the comments that woman write in here, and some turned up preg. even after a neg urine and blood test from the doc. It just might be too early to read that hormone. I would just wait until af is late. As far as your symptoms, I know how how you feel. I felt the same way but af came to visit me today. That white stuff just sounds like your cm. Your cm can be very different, it can be egg white, sticky & stringy, clear, creamy, watery. So I'm sure that's all that was. I'm not trying to disapoint you, but I just got let down big time. I really thought this was it for me. We have been ttc for 8 months, and I'm getting very frusturated. But good luck to you! Just try and wait it out a little bit longer.


kiki - June 16

thanx val but alot of my symptoms are gone so im thinking not this month maybe next time


val - June 16

I'm sorry kiki. Better luck next month.


kiki - June 16

forgot to mention that the doc thinks i might have endometriosis sinee ive had these symptoms before and the test came back neg. so im having an ultra sound to make sure everything is ok on the inside. its tuesday morning at 8 am and thats the day im supposed to start.


val - June 16

Don't let that get you down. My sister-in-law has endometreosis and she is pregnant again with her second child. They were only trying for between 4-6 months before the first one happened. Also, she did mention that she had the surgery done. Forgive me, I'm not even too sure what it is or how it can be fixed. But she mentioned something about being "b__wn out" if that means anything to you. I guess that's suppose to help somehow. Don't give up and keep your chin up! There's always hope.


kEEKEE - June 16

Hi kiki!!! Love the name...heehee...Ok, now back to your question. Your af is not due until 23 of this month. You test too early. Wait until you missed AF to test. I would wait a couple days after the missed/abnormal AFand then test. You may get a BFP. Baby Dust!!!


kiki - June 24

i was actually supposed to start anywhere from the 21 to the 23. and yet i still havent. i took a PT from the dollar tree and it came back negative. does anybody know how accurate they are. i took it yesterday. should i test again or wait a few more days?


Colleen - June 24

I've heard those aren't too reliable.


Colleen - June 24

When you've had these symptoms before, has AF been late. It sound kind of like you might be preg to me. I had some of the same symptoms this month. Good Luck & Baby Dust****


kiki - June 24

my af has never been late. but theres a first time for everything. if its not here by sunday i will probably test again on monday morning


kiki - June 25

af showed up this morning. heres to next month


bump - June 25




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