Could I Be PG At 47

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abbeynormal - January 18

Hi all-- This is my first time posting to this 'forum'. I'm 47, 2nd marriage with 4 grown kids from my 1st marriage. I've had 2 m/c, the 1st one was over 20 years ago, the more recent one was 4 years ago. Okay, now for my question: Per my ob/gyn, she thinks I'm on my way to the big 'M'--due to my elevated FSH of 23 from a year ago, plus every now and then I have hot flashes. I'm usually very regular with A/F, but every now and then she can be late, which gets me to thinking I'm PG. She was due last Friday 1/13, and no signs of her yet. The only sign of being PG is intermittent nausea for the last week. I haven't been sick and neither has anyone around me. The only thing that makes me think I couldn't be PG is we only BD'd once in the last 2 months. DH was in Florida attending to family business, and we BD'd 12/23 while I was there for Christmas, a week after my last A./F. I took an HPT on 1/14, the day after she was due and it kind of looked like a positive (if I squinted), but was very faint. DH is finally home for good, got home on 1/14. I haven't told him of my suspicions, only because he's got his own health issues right now. We weren't exactly trying, but we weren't doing anything to prevent pregnancy. Basically, I'm scared to find out. Not if it's a BFN, but if it's a BFP, because of the last m/c. I've heard that some signs of impending A/F mask as PG signs as well as some Menopause signs also mask as PG signs. I need some support, Help! Thanks in advance, Abbey


Jenny - January 18

Have you retested since then? I have heard alot of storys were the women thinks she is menopausing and oops here comes a baby! Happened to my Aunt at the age of 45. You should first test then call your Dr. for a blood test if +. Keep me posted! And good luck!


Grandpa Viv - January 18

Good golly, abbey, the number of births to women your age in the United States can't be more than a few thousand per year. We had a woman in the office age 45 get pregnant last year, but it ended with the first trimester. On the other hand, my brother had a child by a woman of 42 not long ago. If you really got a faint positive last weekend, test again this weekend and see if the line is stronger. Then decide if you are going to go to the best to try to carry to term. Good luck!


jeanette - January 19

Hey abbey....a woman in my church gave birth to a healthy baby boy last year at the age of 47....she also told me that being close to menopause, you can ovulate very early in your cycle which could be right on time for your BD a week after af on 12/23....if you havent been to a doc, you should probably go soon. God bless darlin...and good luck!


abbeynormal - January 22

Hi again-- I just took a Clear Blue Easy Digital test and it said "Not Pregnant". BUT, when I ejected the test stick, it clearly showed 2 lines. Granted, one of them was fainter than the other, but it was still there. The instructions say to disregard the lines, to only go by the display on the test holder. What do you ladies think? BTW--I'm still nauseous. Thanks in advance for all your support and advice, it's most welcome!! Abbey


jeanette - January 22

Abbey, those digitals always have 2 lines on the strip. My advice is to go see your doc to find out whats going on. Do you think you could have reached menopause?


jeanette - January 22

Oh, I forgot to add that my friend I talked about never got a positive on a urine test, she had to get a blood test to confirm. I dont know if it has to do with advanced maternal age or what....


abbeynormal - January 22

Hi-- Thanks for the info, as for menopause, I just don't think so (unless I'm in denial :o|). I mean, I had a normal period in December. In the last year, I have had bouts of night sweats off and on, but I can count them on one hand. I've heard that sometimes menopause symptoms can mimic pregnancy symptoms. But, nausea wasn't one of them that I know of. Besides and I know that it's probably wishful thinking on my part, but because DH and I only BD'd once in the last couple of months (see my first post) (he is having some health issues), the last time I got PG four years ago, it was a similar issue, (only BDing once in a couple of months). So we will see, I will call the dr tomorrow. I still haven't told DH what I suspect, just because I don't want to get his hopes up. He's been pretty baby hungry the last few months. Thanks, Abbey


SaraD - January 22

Abbeynormal-It is possible that you are pg. I suggest taking "Answerquick and simple 5 days sooner"hpt. Those tests showed up + for me before any other tests would.They are very sensitive. I don't know where you live but you can get them at Walmart 2 for like $6.They are made by the same makers of First Response.Good luck and let us know the results!!!


Jenny - January 23

Abbeynormal,, keep me posted please, I would like to know your outcome!!!


abbeynormal - January 24

Hi all-- I wish I had better news. I called the doctor yesterday and ordered a blood test. Called back today for the results and they were negative. They think that either a virus or the flu is to blame for my nausea. As for the absence of AF, they just think that it's due to also either the virus or perimenopause or whatever. I don't think they know. But because I have issues with blood clots, I don't want to do the Provera they want me to take to start AF. I do have an appt with my family doctor on Friday for a follow up on another issue. I'm going to talk with her about it. I'm still having bouts of nausea, not as bad as last week, but I'm still going to the bathroom frequently . I know that doesn't mean squat, but along with the nausea, and absence of AF, what else could one think? My sister was 4 months along before they found out she was PG. She'd been on Depo Provera, and went off of it to get PG. She has thyroid issues and when she went to the doctor every month, they would do a test to see if she was PG, before changing her meds. Well, when they told her that she was PG (by this time she'd been off the Depo for almost a year), she didn't believe it. Only until they did the ultrasound which pinpointed how far along she was, did she believe it! So there are tests even in the doctor's world that fail. Yes, does have a lot of info and they do point out about the Clear Blue Easy lines. Well, got to get to bed. Thanks to you all for the wonderful support. Keep in touch and I'll do the same. Good vibes to you!! Abbey



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