Could I Be Pregant

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Amy - April 27

Im having all the signs of pregnancy...weight gain, sore nipples, frequent trips to the bathroom, food cravings, and a missed period...actually I haven't had a period since mid-Feb. I took a home Preg. test the last week in March and it was negative...however I took another one this week when I missed my peroid again and it didn't show a result at all. I have an apt. with my dr but not till monday so my husband wants to wait until than rather then retesting. So what do you think the odds are I am?


so confused - April 27

i am in the same boat i have not had a period since feb. but all my tests have been neg. but one and i have pretty much all the symptoms. it sounds possible though! good luck to you


AmyN - April 27

I am actually having the same thing. I haven't had a period since Feb 8. Took a hpt last week tuesday. My husband also wants to wait for the dr appointment. I have an appointment Monday also. I am anxious! Are you having any symptoms besides missing? I am extremely tired, have heartburn all the time, barely nauseous the past week, and don't really have an appet_tie. Part of me just feels like I am prego. Don't know if all of this is in my head or if I am actually, dare I say, pregnant?


so confused - April 27

same here i dont know anymore one day i feel pregnant and the next day i dont i have been nauseas headache cramping heartburn


Madysen - April 28

I too am in the same boat. I have missed my period by a week. I took a htp and it was neg, but i have had all the symptoms. And it scares the heck out of me. I am only 19 years old with a fiance that leaves for iraq in 3 months. He is tryin to get me to go get a blood test done, but im too scared.. Even his aunt says she thinks that i am prego. She says she can sense it.. what do i do??


Anonymous - April 28

Maybe you didn't take the test accurately as you thought. If this is the first time that your period has been gone for so long, then you're probably pregnant especially with all of the symptoms.


Tired - April 28

If you had unprotected s_x, YES you could be pregnant.



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