Could I Be Preggo

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Ellise - May 15

Ok, here it goes!! I started my last cycle April 4th, I came off 7 days later. For some reason I dont know why I started Birth control pills on the 23rd of April. On the morning of April 27th I had unexpected unprotected s_x. Exactly 24 hours after I took the Plan B Pill. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests one the 1st of May and the second on the 5th of May, they both came back negative!! For the entire week of the 4th- 8th I experienced cramps on the 9th I started spooting on the 11th I started a heavy yet usual cycle!! My body is going haywire!!!! Is it possible that I could be preggo? Please Help ME!!!!


Annabelle - May 15

If you are having "heavy" bleeding, then I dont think it is possible....are you still bleeding?


Ellise - May 15

yes I am still bleeding, and i have had cramps every single day since i started. Do u think i should take another pregnancy test after my cycle has ended? thanks


Naomi98 - May 16

Agree with Annabelle, doesn't sound like you are pregnant - I'd guess the combination of b/c and Plan B has thrown your body into tailspin. Hopefully it'll get better now that your period has started. Personally I wouldn't think it's worth testing again, but go for it if it puts your mind at ease.


Annabelle - May 16

I agree with Naomi98 :) When I stopped taking birth control when I was going to switch, I did not have a period for like 47 days!!!!! It was crazy, so birth control can do some weird things to your body and that mixed with the plan B like Naomi said is probably just freakin your body out for a ilttle bit....but it will eventually regulate again.


Ellise - May 16

Thank you all so much for ur help, i was confused because at the beginning of my first pregnancy i came on my cycle like normal and i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was 7 going on 8 weeks and that was after 3 pregnancy tests, my body is confusing, but thank you all!!!!



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