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jae jae - October 15

ok a little over a week ago i had my period and my boyfriend and i had s_x while i was on it and after he came in me every time now i am feeling tired and sick and hungrey my nipples hurt and i am bloated and i pee alot and it feel as if i p___sed myself, but for the last 4-5 months i never got pregnant so am i??


Viv - October 15

Yes. Take a home test a week after your next missed period. You should lay off alcohol and start taking pre-natal pills (WalMart $8.67) right about now. Just out of curiosity, what day of your cycle was it you were last exposed?


vanessa - October 15

im having sharp cramps in my adomen, and i can't move


jae jay - October 18

what do u mean by the day of my cycle


jae jay - October 18

ok i understand now, sorry i was a little tired earlier. On my last day of my period was the lsat time i was exposed


Viv - October 18

Sperm can last 5 days in your body. S_x on Day7 would still have a chance on Day12, which is only 2 days before you would normally ovulate. For you to be experiencing symptoms by Day14, you would have had to ovulate quite early, maybe as early as Day8, which is not unheard of. I still think you should wait until after missing a period before taking a test. Saturday, Oct 30th first thing in the morning would be a good time.


jae jay - October 19

thank you


jaeJay - October 19

ok if i am then right now i would be 2 weeks righ so i should be 4 weeks Nov. 8 or some thing like that


k - October 19

well my last period was on september 28 and i had s_x before i was completly offand my boyfiend wants me to get pregnant so am i


ashley - October 19

Hello everyone. If anyone can help me.. please do.My last period was August 25th, and i've been on time. Me and my boyfriend had s_x on the 18th of september, and i missed my period, so we went to planned parenthood, had a blood test, and it was negative. Now, it's October 19th and i was bleeding for about 3-4 hours today. it was really really light, kinda brown, and now IT"S GONE! I've also had tingling pains in my b___sts. we've had unprotected s_x on the 2nd, 9th, 14, and 16th. If i haven't had a period since August, can i still get pregnant??I know it would probably be hard to figure out when it happened, but I was just wondering what you guys could maybe tell me, this would be my first pregnancy. PLEAAAASE> thank you


jaejay - October 20

hey Viv do u think i could take a pregnancy test on oct. 23rd if i am i will be three weeks or would that be too soon?


Viv - October 20

Jae Jae: yes, three weeks after conception is a good time to take the first test. That usually works out at a week after missing your period, but since we think you ovulated early, give it a whirl. Come back and let us know. We care.


jaejay - October 21

thank you Viv


Kelly - October 21

There's a big chance you might be pregnant....Take pregnancy test......



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