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Alma - April 26

I'm 19 and had s_x for my first time last friday. I've started feeling really sick and tired. I have nausea but no puking. I'm just really worried. I have no idea when I cycle because I've never been regular. I've been on birth control to regulate but this was the week I wasn't on it but it's been causing me to mensruate sometimes less than 2 weeks apart. I dunno when I should test to see or if it's even a possibility. I have no idea when you start feeling symptoms or what. My mom could always tell she was pregnant like a day or two after she got pregnant so I'm wondering if I am like her, because I'm not worried about anything but being pregnant and I'm trying to be safe to protect something I don't even know is there like unconsciously. ANy advice?


Alma - April 26

I also have a lot of clear discharge, lower back pain...and my b___sts are a little tender...please help :S


alma - April 26

please give me some sort of answer


MAB - April 26

honey I think its way to soon for you to feel pg signs.. try real hard not to worry abt being pg... wait til around the time you think your period should come and take a test.. you will be ok


Kimberly - April 26

I agree, I think it is too early for you to feeling anything other than panic. Try not to focus on it too much. Stress can cause AF to come late and then you'll worry even more. Hang in there!!


Beth - April 26

I would see your doctor about your irregular periods, since you are on the pill to make them regular. Then I would take it from there on the pregnancy feelings. It could be that it is your first time so your unconsciously believing you could have gotten pregnant. I am not saying that you aren't, but that the mind likes to play tricks on us. If you don't want to have a baby right now though, I suggest using more protection until your doctor and you figure out your pill situation so there are no more scares.


alma - April 26

I didn't even really know the signs of pregnancy until I started having them and looked it up to see if that is what it was. I just have this gut feeling...I dunno though. I want a baby but I don't at the same time if you know what I mean. I won't know if I am late because I never know when it is coming. I've gone 4 months without a period before and there was no possibility of pregnancy. I have PCOS if you guys know what that is and I have seen a doctor for it but there isn't much they can do besides surgically remove cysts and put you on birth control to balance ur hormones. I plan on not taking the birth control for the next month and taking a test around the 15th of May or something if nothing happens. We shall see



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