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ang - May 15

Well my last period was 15th april i am now 3 days late, i did have intercourse when we should have, i have painfull br___ts but not like when i period due.


Jen - May 15

I am in the same boat as you. What do people think? I don't have painful b___sts, but have really sore nipples and bad lower back pain. I don't normally get this when af is on its way. I took a test and it was negative.


ang - May 15

Yes i did test which was negative my nipples are also sore


lisa - May 15

hi there, my last af was april 16th, i am also 3 days late and had a neg hpt yesterday. i have little white bumps around my areolas as well as blue veins. no other major symptoms though, but no pms at all! it is so frustrating to not know! when are you testing again? i have one test left and i'm trying to hold off until tues morn! good luck to both of you!


Jen - May 15

I told myself I would wait until Wed. 5-18 to test again. Lets see if this actually happens. I just want to know I am so impatient, but whatever happens will be fine, but if I am not preggo then I want af to come so I can try again:) Keep me updated on you both.


amanda - May 15

I have also been experiencing some of the same symptoms. I took an ept test a few days ago and it was a very faint negative sign and my period was 3 days late. I'm on it now, but it's a very light pinkish color. I think I am pregnant just because of all the signs, but I'm still not sure. Good luck to all of you....seems like we all need it right now.





R - May 16

Hi my last period was also 14th April, I am 4 days late - was in a very bad mood all week last week, sore lower back, nipples are sore - but only if I press them, constant clear/whitish cm... I am crossing my fingers. Have had dull aches in abdomen off and on - but no bad 'period like' cramps. Good luck to everyone!



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