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Gem - October 20

Hi i am wondering if you can give my any advise. I had the Mirena Coil removed on 22/9. The FPC advised I can fall pregnant as soon as removed. I had a short period on 25/9 for two days which was very light. Me and my partner had unprotected s_x from the 5/10 to 11/10 as he works away. On 10/10 I started to have nausea and vomiting alot which got worse a couple of days later along with very bad stomach cramps like when you period is about to start but nothing came. I am also getting other symptoms such as needing to wee all the time, feeling very tired, headaches and backache. I took a hpt on 15/10 which was only a week after unprotected s_x and it was postive. I then took another test on 18/10 it was a clearblue(+/-) Test. A neg line came up but instead of being a straight line it had a break in it where the other line goes. I am not due my period until Sunday 29/10. My body is feeling like I am pregnant as I have never had sickness like this since when I was pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago. Please advise!!!!!


to gem - October 20

sounds like you are to me....I would go and see the doctor. then you won't spend all your money on more tests!


Gem - October 20

Thanks for your reply... I have done a urine sample for the doctor today and I have to wait until next week for the results.


alyssa - October 20

hey im 17 and so confused bout wats goin on at the moment i started to spot a day after my period was due and it was a light pink and brown colour, it has gone now i had it for about 5 days but it was on and off i have an ache in my lower back still and my b___bs are still heavy and sore. i did do a test yesterday and this morning but they both said negative so i really don't know if im pregnant or not i have never been pregnant before and i am young but i really think i am after reading other ladies questions. so please tell me what you think could it have been the implantation bleed and i took the test to early or im not and stressing over nothing. i hate not being able to be sure. goodluck to all you other hopeful mums.


Gem - October 21

Hi Alyssa, i would go and see the doctor and ask for a test and ask for a blood test!!!!



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