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easytoentertain - July 11

First thing i did not take my bc this month because i was on antibiotics...i have taken a pregnancy test...negative and that was on period should of started thursday...the last time i didnt take bc for a month my period came right on time....but now i am peeing a ton...i have way increaced discharge...i am totally period...but mild cramping...very slight nausea...what do you ladies think???? If my period hasnt started by the coming saturday i am giong to take another pregnancy test...hoping its positive. Me and my fiance were not planning on getting pregnant right now...but we would both love for a positive! Just looking for some moral support as I dont want to tell my family I could be, when I could not be! - Jessica


kaylas mom - July 11

girl i wish that i could help you. wait a little while and test again just in doesnt sound like you are but anything is possible...good luck


jeanette - July 11

those are some good signs......but, could it be that whatever illness you were on antibiotics for has caused a late ovulation and consequently a late period? SOmething to think about. Also, when you get off bc, your body is overwhelmed with all the regular hormones again...and can strongly mimic pregnancy symptoms. So, I agree that you should wait a bit, probably another week to see if period shows, then test again. Good luck and God bless darlin!


jeanette - July 11

Oh another thing I forgot to mention....when you come off bc, you cycles can be a bit messed up. When I came off, I had a cycle that was 41 days, and I am usually a straight 28/29 day cycle.


easytoentertain - July 11

thank you ladies...guess all i can do is wait and see. gahhh...its killing me not knowing for sure! I just want my period to start or the test to read positive!!!!!!!!! Just to get it over with! LOL! - Jessica


Jade Allison - July 11

Hi there! I had sorta the same thing happen a few months ago. I can't take bc due to a blood problem I have, & I was going through a period of time a couple months back when I was getting really sick the week before I would start. The most predominate symptom was the nauseaness. Every month for almost three months I would go through it the week before. About this time was when they discovered the blood issue, and pulled me off the bc. I also started to regulate out to a "normal" cycle about this time, and this was new for me. It had been once every 2-3 months, now it comes every 28 days, almost like clock work. Good Luck! J.A.


sarahd - July 11

Hi, Last month was my first off bcps - I had brutal pregnancy-type symptoms for the two weeks before af, but wasn't pregnant. I hope that you are though! Definitely take another test next week if you still don't get your period, and good luck!


easytoentertain - July 11

well all of the symptoms that could be a__sociated with pregnancy that i listed are mostly mildly there...nothing major nausia wise...just kinda unsettled stomache...i feel so bloated and have very mild cramping...less mild than the normal pressure cramps that are a__sociated with my period...the discharge is throwing me off too, cause though I do get discharge with my normal period never this heavy or this long...gahhh...the not knowing is killing me...i sooooooo want to be pregnant! And my fiance has gotten very cozy with the idea of it...hehehe...he keeps patting my belly and talking about what ifs! so cute! I am just so confused by how my body is acting!!!!! - Jessica


macale24 - July 11

I understand. I took a pregnancy test today it might be to early to tell. but my b___sts are throbbing constantly,they are sore and swollen, I have been peeing a bunch too...


easytoentertain - July 12

Thats one thing I am not gettign is the tender b___sts...but i just feel a bit different and its hard to far day 6 of the missed period...shall take another pregnancy test on day 9...already took one on day 2.... - Jessica



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