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m - August 11

I started bleeding on July 25 and stopped on 26 could i be pregnant. I really would like to know.


babyblue - August 6

samething happed with me, i wonder the same thing. I never had a irregular period before.


melissa - August 9

could i be pregnant someone please help me with my question babyblue thanks for the answer.


Helen - August 9

NO :o) It is very unlikely that you could be pregnant (VERY few women have periods during pregnancy). To avoid the worry in the future, go on the pill or use condoms for protection.


unknown - August 9

first of all i want to have a baby and don't tell me it is unlikely alot of people do that implantation bleeding


ben - August 10

grow up you stupid little girl. YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. Move on for gods sake! If your so stupid that you don't even know what pregnancy entails then you are not responsible enough to have a baby.


Sally - August 10

No, from what you have said, you can't be pregnant. It is extremely unlikely for a girl to have any sort of period whilst pregnant. Periods are not exactly the same every month. Whether they last 1 day or 21 days, it's still a period.


spud - August 10

are you a whore?


Amanda - August 10

I had s_x the 8th and 9th of aug...both times my fiance has came inside of it too early to have any signs? PLease help


Babyblue - August 10

There is a chance it could have been implantation bleeding hun, just keep your fingers cross and dont pay ignorance no attention. This is surpose to be a supportive website but for some reason childish and immature people hop on here every once in awhile. Good Luck and keep faith:)


Jess - August 10

Reading some of the answers, makes me wonder where people get their education from. If you are concerned about being pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test (either urine or blood) to rule out any possibilities. Implantation bleeding is more common than people believe and usually occurs between 5 to 12 days after conception and may either be spotting to "period-like" bleeding. If you are charting your temp, you should get a third shift, in which your tem should go up again and stay up. In response to the answer given by helen, the fact is that many women continue to have their periods during their pregnancies, some lasting for the full nine months.


unknown - August 10

my cousiin had her period for 4 months when she was pregnant


DeeDee - August 10

I had s_x 2 days before my period. Then had my next period but it was really short and light. Could i be pregnant?


Sal - August 11

Was your bleeding spotted? - Was your bleeding very slight and either pinky or browny n colour? If the answer to both questions is no, then it will PROBABLY just happen to have been a very short period and you have nothing to worry about. Hopefully your next period will arrive... unless you are trying to get pregnant - ?


Wendy RN - August 11

It is totally possible you could be pregnant. Obiviously take a home test and see. When in doubt, take a test now, wait 2 weeks, and test again. Planned Parenthood is a free/cheap place to go where it is one stop shoping, get tested to see if you are pregnant, get tested for STD;s and get some birthcontrol. However, you could be pregnant and have a period, it is totally possible, but rare. I would rule it out first, then make better plans for the future to not get pregnant unless you WANT to.


SH - August 11

With my first child I didn't have a period at all. My second one I had one the whole nine months. So I think that you should go get a test and take it. If you are afraid of your parents finding out find a friend and go to her house.



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