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christi - November 29

Hello, I am 25 yrs old, just married. I have missed 2 periods in a row, almost 3. Last pd. started around 9-10-04. I have not been on the pill for almost a year now, and we are not using any other method of prevention. I have a history of being irregular with my periods, so missing one in October didn't worry me, especially since my wedding was at the end of Sept. I chalked it up to stress. Anyhoo, no period still, and it's 11-29-04. Have taken about a million hpt's, all say no. Took blood test, that was also negative. Dr. did ultrasound & found that my uterus was swollen. She said it was either pregnancy or I was about to start. That was almost 2 weeks ago. If I was going to start, wouldn't I have done so by now? I am very confused. I know that blood tests are almost never wrong, but the Dr. doesn't seem worried & she told me to come back in 3 - 4 weeks to do another blood test. The suspense is killing me! This ever happen to anyone else? morning sickness, but I have heartburn all the time, I am always hungry and have broken out really badly. I have a watery discharge all the time, but it is clear & odorless. Also have little pimple-like things around dark area of nipples. Could all be signs of other things, just trying to get other thoughts since the dr. doesn't seem too concerned.


Melissa - November 29

I think it definately sounds like your pregnant!! : )


LAO - November 29

Sounds like your pregnant to me. It does sound strange that the test came back neg. Buy a hpt. and try it, maybe you have enough hcg to show positive. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - November 29

There's not many other reasons for those Montgomery tubercles around your nipples. Good luck!


Christi - November 30

OK, lots of people telling me that if the blood test is negative, then I can't possibly be pregnant, so I made an appt with OBGYN, tired of getting the run-around from my family dr. Anyhoo, I am hearing lots of scary things about what might be wrong if I am not pregnant. Please pray...will keep you posted. Appt. is not until 12-8. The suspense will surely kill me...



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