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ReenyLynne - November 30

My last period was on 11/17 i had intercourse with my boyfriend on 11/18 and he came inside of period then stopped. Usually my period lasts for 4 days. I am currently having these pains in my lower abdomen area and am feeling really gassy and belching a lot. And i got acid reflux about 2 days ago (which I have never gotten b4). Could i b pregnant or any suggestions on what could b going on? I think it might b to soon to b even able to tell..all suggestions are much appreciated.


Christine - November 30

You could be pregnant, anything is possible, but it does not seem like a fertile time...most woman so they say ovulate 14 days after their period...I'm not sure what is going on with you...but if I were you I would wait a few weeks and if symptoms persist call the doc and ask for a test...good luck


Grandpa Viv - November 30

So was 11/18 the only s_x you had in November. Could the 11/17 period have been implantation from a contraceptive malfunction a week earlier? Your gas both ends and acid reflux can be caused by pregnancy hormones acting on the intestinal tract, but apart from that and the cramps you do not mention any other early signs. No fatigue, peeing, or b___b changes? Take a test 3 weeks after the s_xual encounter and see what it says.


ReenyLynne - November 30

No 11/18 isn't the only day in Nov. that i had s_x we have s_x on a almost everyday occurance. I did forget to mention that I went off of bc (the pill) in Sept. I had no period at all in Oct. but i thought that it was due to being taken off of bc. I did a test on 10/30 and it was (-). I do have to pee a lot more often there aren't much changes in my b___bs they don't hurt or anything. But my face is breaking out as if i was goin to start but it's too soon i never break out this soon and i did forget to mention that after we had s_x and my period stopped i had cramps in addition the pain in my side that felt like i was goin to start although i never did. Thanks all advice welcome.


..... - November 30



b - December 1



vonda - December 1

well you have to be careful 10-14 days before and after your period. it does sound like you could be having the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. you do need to check with a doctor asap. you can get pregnant on your period.


Grandpa Viv - December 1

I'll stick with my previous guess. You have now given us a couple of additional early signs for confirmation. It is now two weeks after supposed implantation, so a home test could show positive. If it does not and the symptoms continue, take another test a week later. Come back to this thread and tell us the result. Good luck!


ReenyLynne - December 1

Thanks for all ur help every1. Any additonal help is much appreciated.


ReenyLynne - December 2

I had a couple more symptoms today! My nipples are very very tender to touch and my stomach is sore as if i've been doing sit-ups or something? But it's still to early to test i do believe...any more suggestions?


bb - December 2



Courtney - December 2

hi my last period was on the 23Nov and i had s_x 2 days after, my bf pulled out last minute but some might have got in there still. I took the morning after pill. but a couple of days ago i felt like i was going to be sick and i have the flu and a weird feeling in my stomach but nothing else......i would like to know if i'm pregnant and when is the best time to take a test? :( I hope someone can help!)


concetta hardin - December 15

hey im a 17 year old and right now im also having sign friday i was feeling sick but saterday is when i realy puked every were and after that i was fine but monday i started to spot but my puke was a green mucas color and was very bitter and so i kneed to know if im pregnant or not


peyton - December 15

it could be hormones but hang in there


karenhou - December 16

hi can anyone suggest any help, last period 22/10 abdo pains for nearly two weeks, sore nipples last week and now extremely sore b___sts!!! but have had three --tive pregnancy tests?? what do you all reckon is going on any advice, thanx. xx


christine - December 16

karenhou..I suggest you go and get a blood test..some woman's hcg levels dont rise as quickly as others...a hpt might not pick them up for a your doc...let them know how late you are...if you have already done the blood test they will probably recommend waiting...but in a few weeks you could ask for a sonogram just to make sure there is no sac...good luck


kiki - December 16

i have been reading about this it might not have been your might be inplatation bleeding wich is when the egg and sperm meet to make a baby andthen inplants itself in the urtis.



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