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Kaylee - December 2

Hi, im a teen who had s_x two weeks ago for the 1st time with my boyfriend of two years. We spent the weekend together and had a lot of s_x, but used condoms each time with no sign of ripping. I'm over a week late and I've been getting dizzy and have to go to the washroom more often.. could I be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - December 2

First time s_x can throw your cycle into a tizzy, not to mention the worry. Dizzy and peeing do happen to be two early signs of pregnancy, but my intuition tells me the cause is in your head. Apart from anything else, your encounter was on day 20 and 21 of your cycle, which is outside the fertile window. If you are pregnant and a week late, a home test should show positive by now. Buy one for your peace of mind. Use first pee in the morning. From here out use v____al spermicide as a backup for the condom, and stay away from Days 8-15 of a 28 day cycle.


Kaylee - December 3

Thank you so much!! I think you kinda put my mind at ease but just in case I'll take your advice and go out and get a pregnancy test... Im just kinda worried they'll give me a funny look when I purchase one because im a teen.. Oh well lol!


zuly - December 3

Don't worry about being a teen and having to purchase a test it is better to know then not to know at all .


Kaylee - December 3

Thanks for your advice Zuly, I think I'll get one this weekend, I think I'll still be pretty embara__sed but you're right, its better to know then not to know! But if I am pregnant, I'd only be 2 weeks, is that long enough to be able to tell on a home pregnancy test?


Kaylee - December 3

How long after you conceive will you be able to tell if you're pregnant or not by a home pregnancy test?


zuly - December 5

You should wait two to three weeks before taking the test good luck.


Kaylee - December 5

Hmm.. I took the test and it came out negative, but I noticed I've put on almost 5 pounds in like a week ( which is really unnormal for me) and I still have a lot of syptoms? I'm not sure what I should do. Some people tell me its because I had intercourse for the first time, and some people are convinced im pregnant!! I don't know what to do! Please help if you can!! -Kaylee


Zuly - December 5

if you have gain weight it could be do to any thing not just pregnancy . try to go to the Dr for a check up.


stephanie - December 18

Kaylee - the first time i had s_x I LITERALLY exhibited pregnancy symptoms for over a month... waking up in the night vomitting, dizziness, frequent urination and swolen sore b___sts. I found that what happend was, s_x was SUCH a hormone surge that my body couldn't stand it... during preg. its the same, ma__sive hormone surge.. so.. this could be it..but to be safe, go see a doctor...


Kaylee - December 18

Thanks a lot Stephanie!! Lol It's good to know that im not the only one that expeiranced these things! Thanks a ton



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