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kk - December 23

AF is 5 days late...I have cramps and am bloated...and my nipples are sore...does anyone have the same symptoms?


debra - December 23

i'm 10 days late and i'm bloated, pelvis cramps, swollen b___sts, hungry all the time, tired all the time.home prg test was neg. urine sample was neg. got blood tests done but waiting for results. kk do u have any of this symptoms as well?


kk - December 23

Yes, bloated, light cramps, swollen b___sts, nipples hurt too. I haven't done a home preg. test yet. I thought I would wait till after Christmas. I was at the doctor for other blood tests and she ordered a preg. blood test too since my husband and I have been trying for a year now. I thought I was preg. last month with similar (but more) symptoms and everything was neg. but the Doc says she thinks I had a very early misscarriage?? Not sure but I'm hopeful that I'm preg. this time. I've read that sometimes it takes until 6-8 weeks to know for sure! It sounds as if you are pregnant...I spotted last month but didn't this month (implantation bleeding probably) so that can be a sign too. Good luck! ;)


debra - December 23

kk,thanks for replying back. my symptoms seems to be getting a little worse, but as soon as i find out for sure i will let you know.wish me luck and goos luck with you too.


kk - December 24

I decided to take a pregnancy test today and it came back negative. I had terrible cramps last night and not sure why...I hate the waiting game.


debra - December 24

well, my bloating went away, but i have cramps today and my b___bs aren't as sore today. i hate having to wait too.


robyn - December 24

hi ladies, I am in the same boat!!! my period is only a couple of days late but last week I had a pinkish/brownish discharge before my period was due. implantation blleding? anyway, I took a hpt and it came back neg. i am going to wait until next week to take another one and if that is neg also, I will got he doctor for a lood test. good luck and happy holidays!


debra - December 26

i started bleeding this morning like i got my period. i had servere back pain and cramping for hours, but i also have a temperature of 101.4 does this mean i'm not pregnant?



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