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Kady - February 26

I've only been with my husband from Dec. 18 until Jan. 1. I had a short period on Jan. 25. For the past two weeks I've been really hungry, sick to my stomache, had indigestion, dizzy, missed my period, and had tender br___ts. I've taken two over-the-counter pregnancy tests, both which read negative. I don't want to get a blood test if I don't have to. If I am pregnant I'd need to stop taking birth control pills. What should I do?


Grandpa Viv - February 26

This is interesting, and may be upsetting, so remember it's only a theory. Since you are on the pill we know that you expect your periods to be 28 days. That means you had a period the last few days of your husband's leave, so you were not fertile while he was home. The length or absence of a period is not much to go by, again since you are on the pill. However the timing of your signs point to the possibility that you got pregnant maybe the weekend of Feb 5/6. Let's hope this is not the case, but you need to ask yourself if you went to any wild parties, or someone may have slipped something in your drink. You also have to remember if you were religious about taking the pill on time in February. Let's hope what you are experiencing is some side-effect of the pill. I would take another home test before starting the next round of active pills (Tuesday?) and probably call the office of the doctor who prescribed the pills to get the nurse's instructions on how to handle the situation. Good luck!


Kady - February 27

Grandpa Viv--I'm on POPS, progesterone only bc pills. I'm not sure they're the same as other pills. I also take seizure meds, which might counteract with the pills and OTC preg tests. I'm 110% I was only with my husband those times. He's away with the army and I don't party or drink. Do you think there's a possibilty I could be pregnant? I find it weird I suddenly had pregnancy symptoms, after I've been taking the same meds for seven months. Thanks for replying!


maggie - February 27

Kady- if you think that you are pregnant get off the pills immediately. Take anothr pregnancy test in about a week if you still havent gotten your period. And keep in mind if you ver miss a pill or dont take it at the same time of day, This will mess up your period from being on time etc. Good Luck to ya!!


Alicia - February 28

I would stop taking the pills.


Dee - February 28

A number of years ago, I missed a period while on the pill. I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my dr and was shocked to find out I was not only preg, but after having an ultrasound that I was preg with twins - 4 months. I had gained a lot of weight but had been lazy at the time. No other symptoms. I had 3 regular periods while preg. I suggest getting blood test if you can.


Kady - February 28

I took a blood test today and I'll get the results tomorrow. We'll see. Thanks for the replys! =)



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