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Julia - February 28

Me and my b/f have had s_x almost everyday since my last period and we didnt use protection Any of the time. Then my period was soppose to come today but it didnt and i have been haveing a i guess you would say mild carmps they didnt hurt bad nor lasted long but i could tell they were there i have had some symptons of being pregnant. What would my chances be and dose the "mild cramps" mean anything?


Julia - February 28

yes i orgot to add that when i go to the bathroom and pee i look down (2 see if i started) Any its like this white creamy milk stuff (tmi lol srry) But could that mean anything?


bump - February 28



gabby - February 28



julia - February 28



Ashlee - February 28

I need help can i be pregnant


rachelle - February 28

You have a high chance of being pregnant. I am exactly the same as u but i have a clear discharge not creamy. Fingers crossed for both.


Kym - February 28

I've got my period pains right now and a little bit of bleeding but this is normal. I have felt like have had PMT for the last few days plus with nausea, peeing so often (!!) and feeling really tired. It is quite likely that you are pregnant and you can definately feel like you are still getting your period too so I would think there is nothing to be worried about. But I would suggest getting a test or a blood test to confirm - my home tests are still coming back negative but that can also happen for up to 1 week after the period was due - so am gonna get a blood test instead.


Julia - February 28

So what your saying Kym is that even though im having mild cramps that dosnt mean my period is gonna come? Is it bad?


bump - February 28



Grandpa Viv - February 28

Julia, you're doing fine. The clear or creamy discharge at a time of the month when you are normally dry is a good sign, even if you have no other sign. The mild cramps may be from inplantation. Wait until next weekend and take a test if AF has not come. Good luck!


It happened to me - February 28

Hi, I am 8 weeks pregnant going on 9. Right before I was supposed to start my period (like the day before and the day of and several days after) I had mild cramping like I was going to start my period. I have been pregnant once before but it was not a viable pregnancy. But, the same thing happened then with the cramping. I kept saying to my friends, "I'm not pregnant, I'm having cramps like my period is going to start." But, it never did. So, it is very possible for you to be pregnant. Good luck if that is what you want.



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