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Jennifer - April 25

The month started out normal, I got my usual premenstrual cravings and pimply chin which usually means my period will follow a day or two later. I am now just over a week late so I took an EPT test and the result was a very very faint negative line. I have been feeling nausious (usually more in the evening), I have been getting cramps (so I keep thinking I am getting my period), but I am also really tired and can't think clearly. I am planning on trying another home pregnancy test, I figured I would wait a week and try a different brand to see what the result will be. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I just go to the doctor and see what's up. My head keeps telling me I'm pregnant (which would be great) but I want to be sure.


Jennifer - April 25

I was wondering if the test I took gave a false negative. I've heard they are easier to get than false positives. Has anyone gotten false negative and been pregnant? I definately have early pregnancy symptoms including the ones listed before and now sore b___sts and mild constipation. Any ideas, suggestions, or support is greatly appreciated. My husband and I are excited about the possibilities and he even said that if this is not it, that we will start trying as soon as possible. He is the best.


Amy - April 25

Do you know at what level the hpt you took detects hcg? Go buy one that detects at 25, surprisingly enough the tests that you find for $1.00 detect the soonest. I used two of the $1.00 tests the day before I missed my period and both were BFP...Good luck.


to Amy - April 25

as far as I know that EPT detects at 40. I guess it's not as sensitive as the ones you took. I take it your tests were accurate and you are preg (congrats!!!!!). I'll have to pick some up and try them. Thanks for the input.


jena - April 25

when did you take your EPT test? if it's been a couple days, I'd take another because your hormones double every two days.... you are very patient to wait a week! (it's what they say to do to be sure, but most of us can't!). good luck!!


P.S. - April 25

yes, false negatives are very common, usually from testing too early or with a test that isn't sensitive. it took me 2 weeks to get my BFP.


to Jena - April 25

I took it yesterday evening. I just bought a test from Dollar Tree (which I was told is more sensitive than EPT) and will try again tomorrow morning to see what happens. Thanks for all the responses - the only reason I've been patient till now is I didn't put 2 & 2 together until my neighbor suggested it. With my emotions right now - I can cry at a drop of a hat so I am starting to get anxious to find out the results.



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