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Trooper - May 20

I'm not sure how long ovulation lasts, but I definitely know when I am because I always have discharge (not a yeast infection). I was ovulating last week (coincides with last menstual cycle) on May 11th - 13th. (not sure if it lasts longer than that). And on those nights my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x. How early would you be able to tell if I was pregnant? What is causing my alarm is that Tuesday I started this weird feeling in my lower ab area. They definitely didn't feel like my normal menstrual cramps, plus I never get cramps unless I actually have AF. I'm still having the same feeling today. Sort of like someone is pinching constantly down there. And my inner thighs are burning too. I just know my body and I've NEVER had this type of feeling before. Also, my boyfriend is off on vacation with his Dad (which is why we went at it so much last week before he left) and when I spoke to him last night I stated that I was "upset" that I thought I would have AF when he got home from his trip and that we couldn't be together. And he immediately said "that it couldn't be because I get AF around the end of the month." I just said, well I can feel it... meaning the cramping (but didn't tell him that it didn't feel like menstrual cramping). So even HE knows AF shouldn't be here for another week and a half. Is it possible to feel it already? Only other signs I noticed was increased urination, but I didn't think that happened until you were further along. Also dizzyness - had it pretty bad while doing my land aerobics last night. And va___al discharge - just like I get when I ovulate, only it seems to be more now. It is a creamy white, doesn't smell or anything and doesn't look discolored. And I don't itch or have irritation down there so I know it isn't a yeast infection. I also have been getting headaches, but they seem to come and go on there own. Please help. I have a soccer game tonight and definitely wouldn't want anything to happen if I 'was' pg. I know I won't be able to home test until at least May 24th... I can't wait that long!!!! I know everyone is different, but with these signs could it be? Also, how long does the implantation cramping last. This is going on a several days now and I'm a little concerned. Hugs, Trooper



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