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Ronnie - August 4

My af ended on July 23 had s_x the 24 and 27. My stomach feels sick, tired and nipples Sensitive could these be symptons or is it to early?


nancy - August 4

that would depend when is your O day...i think it's to early to think that it's a sign, but you should know how long your cycle is....and when is your O date so we can calculate if you O early that the usual 14-17 CD...


Ronnie - August 4

I have a 28 day cycle.


Ronnie - August 4

I started af on July 20. So I would O around August 1st or 2nd is that right or am I off.


bump - August 4



Mica - August 4

To me it sounds unlikely that you conceived on the 24 or 27th if your not due for ovulation until the 1 or 2nd. Who knows, though, I'm sure stranger things have happened. If you're ttc, make sure to bd when your ovulating because that's when you're fertile. best to you!


toya - August 4

i have the same symptoms my period was 13 days late and all of a sudden i'm bleeding when i whipped it wasn't alot but there is pink blood on the pad can i be pregnant or did my period all of a sudden came


Ronnie - August 4

Thank you Mica. toya I think that you might be pregnant. Good luck. ********Baby Dust to all*********


Grandpa Viv - August 4

For you to be feeling signs of pregnancy now, you would have had to ovulate July 29th, or Day 9 of your cycle instead of Day 14. This does happen occasionally, and s_x the 27th would have done the trick. Keep your fingers crossed and test as soon as you start waiting on your next period. Good luck!


Ronnie - August 5

Thank you Grandpa Viv. I will


Sarah - August 5

I am soo confused with every woman being differnet if I am pregnant or not......My last period was on the 27th of June and we tried to concieve all during the week of JUly 11 through the 16th and now it is the 5th of Aug and nothing I had some VERY light spotting on the 3rd put it was only about 2 drops in my underwear...would this have been implantation bleeding...I really want to be pregnant but I have taken 3 tests and they all say negative and I am just hoping that I took them all too early I am going to the doctor next friday but that seems years away


r - August 5

i am in the same boat i am 2 weeks late i ovulated on the 9th july and my last af was 1st july i have all symptoms well most and i got bfn aswell i am going to test again tonight.heres what im feeling needing the toilet more,af was due 23rd july,getting porly like heavy colds,backache,sore nipples,a little tired,dull ache low down in my tummy,lotion cm, high cervix,emotional,feeling sick on an empty stomach, getting hungry very quickly.craving fruit like oranges and healthy food like salad.mongomery tubercules.i ovulated on day 9 of my cycle which was 9th or 10th of july and i havnt had a period since.before af my cm gets dry but its more creamy at the moment, at this moment i would be 6 weeks pregnant can any bodt help me i did a hpt on monday but it was negative, i am going to do one tonight fingers crossed.


Ronnie- - - Sarah - August 5

It sounds to me that you might just be pregnant. *****Baby Dust to you******. Hope you get BFP at doctors. Good luck.


Ronnie to r - August 5

If your test comes back BFN again then I say go to the doctors and get a blood test because I think your pregnant. ***********Baby Dust to you********. Hope you get BFP tonight.



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