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pennymjohns04 - May 12

i last had s_x on the first day of my period, ever since i have been feeling tired but cannot sleep at night, i am very bloated, and get some occasional cramps in my stomach. i cannot take a test because my period isnt for another 2 weeks yet. could i be pregnant?


Lin - May 12

It's physically possible but *VERY* unlikely. Most women don't ovulate until *at least* 11 days after the start of their period, and you can only conceive from s_x up to 5 days before ovulation. The average woman ovulates on day 14 of her cycle (i.e. 14 days after her period starts) and some even later.


BrendaW - May 12

Actually if you got pregnant sooner you could test sooner. Usually 8-10 dpo, though the chances are slim at that point on getting a + even if you are pregnant. So count 5 days past the date of the first day of af and then 10 days after that. If you did O up to 5 days after the start of af, 15 days would put you at 10dpo. It is not very common to get pg on your period but can happen. The last time i got pg happen on like cd8 or 9. I got a positive pg test 1 week before af was even due. I m/c at 5 weeks.


Grandpa Viv - May 12

Hmm. If you think you have been having preg signs since the first day of your "period", then maybe it was not a real period (lighter than ususal?) and you got pregnant from s_x about April 15th? Good luck!


pennymjohns04 - May 13

well i had s_x almost everyday in the week leading up to my period but still got my period. is that a sign?


Lin - May 13

No, a period is never a sign. If you DID, however, conceive last month, a test would be reliable now, so take one!


pennymjohns04 - May 13

what i meant was i still got my period aftre having s_x the week before my period. would that be a sign that im not pregant, or would it mean anything?


sara b - May 13

it means nothing. you can skip a period and not be pregnant or have a period and still be pregnant. Take a test. Best wishes.


pennymjohns04 - May 13

thing is i cannot take a test for another 2 weeks because i am not due for my period until then. what do u suggest i should do?


Lin - May 13

It would be a sign that you're not pregnant, actually. You physically CAN NOT have a period while pregnant. You can have bleeding, yes, but definitely not a period. Periods and bleeding while pregnant are caused by very different things. Bleeding as heavy as a period is not as common as it might seem from reading through this forum. If you think you conceived right before you had bleeding, then it is not necessary to wait until your next period is late to test. A pregnancy test should be accurate two weeks after conception, no matter when that conception occurred.



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