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stevengsbaby - July 9

I had a period June periods are normal last five days and i'm on a 28day cycle...very rarely do i have another one early....this month I had two....I had one on June 6th and June 30th when it should have been July 4th.....I never have two in one month....I had s_x 4 times with no protection during those two week before my period on june 30 i was natious and had tummy after my period on the 30th i have cramps....i never have cramps after my period. I never have abnormal a few cases ive been the most 2 days early, but never 4days and have two periods in one month...any advice?


jeanette - July 9

Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?


stevengsbaby - July 9

no i havent cause i just had another period wasnt sure i would be but then i heard u can have a period n still be pregnant so i thought i would ask others and get their opinions


confusedgrl - July 9

it could be that your body is just changing. how long have your periods been? are they your normal 5 days or shorter/longer? if you are really worried you can try and take a test and see what it says. but womens bodies go through changes all the time and a woman who has been on a 28 day cycle for years all of a sudden can have a 30 some day cycle just out of the blue and go back to 28 day cycles. good luck!


Grandpa Viv - July 9

Unprotected s_x and an unusual period with nausea and weird cramps is enough of a suggestion of pregnancy to warrant taking a test, first morning pee. Not tired, peeing more, ga__sy, unusual discharge or anything elase? Good luck!


staci - July 9

did you have s_x around the 15-19th of june? that should have been your fertile days so having spotting 11 days after that time could be a good indicator of pregnancy, plus being nauseous, having a upset stomach and cramping all together makes me think you might be pg. take a test and let us know how it turns out! good luck!


stevengsbaby - July 9

i had s_x june 17, 19 and two more times after that dont remember dates....i had my five day period but it came four days early and i've never had two in one month and that early...theres been a few times two days early but never four


stevengsbaby - July 11

i went and took a test..the brand name is something i never herd of....well it said i wasnt....i was reading up on miscarriages...some people dont even know they r pregnant or have a misscariage cause it would be too early to says its like a could i of had a misscariage? i wish my medical at my new job kicked in already but i have to wait until its hard for me to find out the answers to these questions



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