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Jacie - February 8

this is the first time i have ever posted so please bare with me.....i am on the lo/ovral BCP and have been for a year and a half. I take my pills on time and dont miss any. I take it so i get my period every three monthes. My last period was Dec. 28, 2006. On January 26 and 27th (Friday and saturday) i forgot to take those two pills and on sundday when i returned home and took two pills that night and continued the pack nornally. On wednesday, jan. 31 i experienced some spotting that was about the size of a silver dollar and had some cramping for about 3-4 hours. I have not spotted since then. But i have been having mild cramping since then. I have also been running to the bathroom alot, my sense of smell has gone hay wire on me, i feel bloated, moody and tired all the time. And my appet_te has increased dramatically. I am not supposed to take my period week pills until next month. But i think i am going to take "the week" off and see if i get my period. Do any of these symptoms suggest i may be pregnant? Sorry this is so long and any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Megs - February 8

Unfortunately, I do not know for sure but my guess would be if you had unprotected s_x around those days then it is a possibility. Also, when did your "symptoms" start? If you're truly having "symptoms" them you would probably get a reliable HPT result... I do'nt know much but that would just be my guess. Maybe someone else knows more and they can answer your question better. I would say test though and see what the outcome is... Good luck!


Jacie - February 8

My symptoms started last wednesday....i took a test on tuesday, (a couple days ago) but it came out negative. I figured it was too soon to tell.


Grandpa Viv - February 9

Something is obviously different this month. From the signs, pregnancy is a possibility. My suggestion would be to continue taking the bc pills, but also run a hpt at weekly intervals, first morning pee. If you get a positive it will be time to quit bc. Good luck!



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