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SweeTeaPie - September 24

I am on the pill and had unprotected s_x either 3 or 4 weeks ago.. I missed my pill the following two days after I had s_x because I did not have it with me. I was supposed to get my period on 9/17 and it is now 9/24 and I still do not have it.. The week before I was supposed to get my period I was spotting a little bit, but the week of my period, nothing. I did have some cramps (not many) that made me think my period was coming, but it is still not here! Do you think that I might be pregnant? Could anyone give me some advice on this?


shelby3218 - September 24

Wait till the weekend and than test. If af shows by that time than keep the test for later time. I was on the pill and it always started on a different day. The body loves to keep us guessing!! I am guessing you are trying not to have a baby, being on bc and all. Good luck and keep us posted!!! One Giant Sisterhood here!!


ma1008 - September 24

if your af was due 9/17 i think you can test and get a pretty accurate result.


SweeTeaPie - September 24

thanks for your help.. my af has always been regular.. i've never missed or been late more then a day.. thats why i'm worried, but i havent had any symptoms that would make me positive that im prego, beside not having any af. so i wasnt sure if i am just overreacting about thinking i might be..


Girly1013 - September 25

hey sort of in the same boat. this may be long but id like some opinions...please! i am on the pill but am never accurate with taking it the same time and acouple times ive missed it and had to take two in one day. i had s_x the day before my period was to start ( august 28th) never got my period then had a brownish and watery red bleeding on september 7th and 8th. i have had no bleeding what so ever since then. i obv stopped tkaing my pills in fear i was pregnant and also thinking that since i stopped them i would start bleeding like a "normal" period. still nothing. ive been bloated slight headaches one day with bad headache and feeling like i was going to throw up. im a small girl 5'3 and 105 sao when my stomach is bigger i can def tell. i know this early it woldnt be a baby but im feeling light popping in my lower stomach but know what has feels like and its not that. have had alot of BFNs. any advice or opinions would really help me thanks everyone


Girly1013 - September 26

haha sorry to post again but id also like any input bc when i tried to tell my gyno she loooked at me and told me it was almost impossible to be o BC and gte pregnant. i understand that but still am wondering...needless to say she didnt help and made me wonder more bc she didnt even give it a possibility. i feel like i know my body and know i havent had any of these symptoms before for no reason! thanks again



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