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mowerys - October 6

Hello. Been off the pill for 3.5 mos. I am 22 and my husband and I are trying for a baby. We had s_x a day before my expected day of ovulation. (My expected best day was 4 days later) I started to get some unusual symptoms 3 days after we had s_x. All day nausea, fatigue, slight light-headedness, cramping and bloating. Today is Monday, one week since we had s_x, 4 days after symptoms started. The fatigue and nausea is much better, but the cramps and bloating is the worst yet. Now, could these be symptoms of pregnancy or just ovulation symptoms? I don't remember ever having ovulation symptoms to anywhere close to this degree. I took a test this morning but it was negative. It too early even if I am I guess. Thanks!


sadiejai - October 6

Those do sound like some good symptoms to have. I had cramps after a couple of days of ovulation. I knew they were to soon to be AF cramps. GL, when is AF due?


baby_patojo - October 6

i would wait until im late, and then test if its negative, then i would just wait a week or two if your period still dont show. good luck


mowerys - October 7

sadiejai- Thanks for your response. I don't know what AF means. If it matters my period is due on the 15th or 16th. That is a week from this Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks!


lancaster336 - October 9

I agree with pp (previous posters) that you should wait until your late to test. And yes if you are and AF (aunt flow) isn't due until 10/16 or so it would be to early to test. Keep us posted. GL to you


mowerys - October 9

lancaster336- Thanks for your response. I will report back when I know something. Thanks again!


mowerys - October 18

Hi Ladies, This is Mowerys the women who submitted this question. Well my period was due on Thursday (I am almost always exactly 29 days,) and it has not come. It is now Saturday night and no period. I have been having some slight cramping now and then but nothing. On top of that (now this could be in my head) I feel pregnant. I took a test this morning and it was negative. I have heard that you can miss you period and get a negative, and still be pregnant. Any thoughts on this ladies?? Also, just to add to my original question...we had s_x three times during my ovulation. Thanks!


mowerys - October 19

Hi Mowerys here again. I got my period this moring which really dissapointed me. It started out as just brownish and I thought well maybe it's just inplantation/breakthrough but it is now bright red and somewhat normal flow. Thanks to all of you who responded. Good luck to those who are trying like me. God Bless!



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