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aprilo - February 27

ok to start...for the past nine months or so i havent really been "trying" to get pregnant but i haven't been preventing it at all. my periods are always regular and on time. they are usually 28 days long and i usually ovulate around the 14th day. as of today i am on day 25 i haven't missed my period yet. i had some mild cramping around the time i should have ovulated...and between days 18 and 20 i had a heavy white discharge (so heavy i thought i might have had a yeast infection) but it only lasted about 3 days. and ever since then i have been getting the clear stretchy discharge (and lots of it)...the same kind i get when i ovulate. now today, which is 3 days before i'm suppose to start i have had some brown discharge but there is still some clear stuff. this never happens before my period...could i be pregnant??


Grandpa Viv - February 28

Lotion discharge when you expect to be dry is among the possible signs. So too is a yeast infection, because changing v____al chemistry allows resident organisms to flourish in unexpected ways. How about other signs like tired, more peeing, upset gut function, b___st and nip changes, lightheaded, emotional, dreams, appet_te, smells, acne etc, all as different from normal cycle. Good luck!


aprilo - February 28

i haven't really had many other symptoms but i thought it might be a little too early. i have been peeing more the past few days, eating excessively in the past week, i had cramps with the brown discharge yesterday (which i haven't had again), and i've been getting nauseous every once and a while in the car.


connie30068 - March 1

can somebody help me i am 18 and i have all the signs of being pgand went to the doc took a blood test came back neg.and hpt came back neg..had af for 5 days and alway go for 7days.but after the five days it was pink....and when the doc check me i was very tender....can some one help me please.......


L34nn3 - March 1

cud i poss be preg! af started 5th jan -8 then 8 feb- 11feb but was not normal af, my cycle is nor 28-30 days, fm 23feb i hav been aving lower stomach cramps n lower back pain. tender nips burpin every time i drink or eat ( soz for tmi ) bloated warm feeling-i hav neva ad cramps like hunger pains mostly 14 days b4 af- i nor hav cramps 12hrs b4 af. im goin out my mind im convinced.. im a little weaker than nor. i never had this with my first child now 8 just little white spots on nips and metalic taste in my mouth. kinda been trying but not charting or anything just hoping it would happen been with partner almost 7 years. plz help. when dizzy when i got up this mornin, tossed n turned all night what do you think? thanks ↑


Grandpa Viv - March 1

It's best to start your own threads with the Ask A Question b___ton. April, a Dollar Store test using first morning pee about Wednesday should tell. Repeat a week later if in doubt. --- Connie, wait a week and take another hpt using first morning pee. If that does not help, and your next period is also weird, go back for another consult. --- L34, it sounds pretty convincing - you may be 7 weeks - take a test any time.



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