Could I Be Pregnant 9 Days Prior To Period

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Kris23 - January 10

My LMP was 12/20, I began ovulating on 1/2 which is also the day I had s_x. AF is due in 9 days. And starting yesterday 1/9 I started experiencing sore br___t (on the top inside and some tingling also feel like they're stretching in the center), headaches (all day, mild), lower back pain, feeling in her lower abdomen like a little pressure like a rubber band stretching (no pain), runny nose (sneezing, coughs), fatigue and I threw up phlegm.Also, I had menstrual like cramps yesterday but they didn't last long like a few mins (thinking bleeding). OMG, so gassy as well (sorry if tmi)....never had these feelings prior to af...just cramps a few days prior. Just wondering if I could be pregnant. I bought a pregnancy test yesterday and I'm saving it until next saturday 2 days prior to my af arrival time. I was just wondering if any other women experienced this as early as 9 days prior. ***Please no neg comments and no foolish ones*** Thanks!!! *****Baby Dust to all of us******


Kris23 - January 10

These are on and off not all in one day...thanx all


lila81 - January 14

im in the same situationa as you! my lmp was 12/20, and i have been experiencing some headaches, stretching in my abdomen and sleepy. i dont know if im pregnant. but on the 1/17 im taking a pregnancy test. keep in touch.


TTCbabyGIRL - January 14

i'm also in the same situation! i'll be testing around the 25th. that is, if i don't get AF before then! AF, stay away!


Kris23 - January 14

I'm testing on the 17th as well Lila81. The symptoms for me are on one day and off another. Today not so bad though. TTCbabyGIRL AF needs to stay away for sure. AF due next week and I don't wanna see her. I'll update either way hopefully BFP's for all 3 of us.


lillybug - January 14

I wish you all the very best! Kris - Your symptoms sound promising, but also remember that AF and pregnancy signs are very similar to one another.


Kris23 - January 16

Hey Ladies, This morning when I woke up I went to the bathroom as all was well and when I wiped I saw very light pink spotting with one red speck so tiny of blood. No other bleeding though. I really believe that I had implantation bleeding today. I was cramping yesterday and a little today it felt a little like menstrual cramps but then sometimes it just felt like pressure on my pelvis. I'm still gonna test tomorrow, hope it's not too soon after implantation. My period is due monday so we'll see. I'll update again for ya. Baby dust to all **************


Kris23 - January 19

Looks like I had a very early (4 days) and playing tricks on me AF. She was very rude to me this month and I don't like her. As far as implantation bleeding I have read some womens experiences where it was NOT a normal AF but a light flow and were still pregnant but I'm not holding my breath anymore. I'm now sad and disappointed. My cycle is always on time so I don't understand why it came early I'm not due until tomorrow and it started Friday with light pink spotting which is why I thought implantation oh well. TTC during a long distance relationship is tough. We both wanted this now I have to break the bad news to him. Since this isn't a normal AF (it's not as heavy as it usually is) I don't know if I should even bother testing when the bleeding stops or just wait until next month since my cycle is 30 days? Now I'm turning into a crazy lady. Thanks for reading!


L.j - January 23

Hi, i experienced pregnancy symptoms as much as two weeks before my period was due with my two sons. I knew i was pregnant by instinct even before i missed my period. If you are really impatient like me you can buy ultra early pregnant tests online! I am currently due my period but am convinced i am pregnant again! Fingers crossed. Good luck to all



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