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Calliopie - May 18

Hello...I'm new on here and I am 18 years old. Last weekend I had s_x with my bf for the first time, although my hymen was broken before I ever had s_x..cause I had a vib. What I want to know is if I could be pregnant....he only entered me for a few seconds(about 6 seconds) unprotected(there was a lil prec_m), and then removed for a condom. He ejaculated but it was in the condom, with no breaks. After a few min (i dunno if he went to the bathroom or not after the first time) we decided to do it again, i gave oral for a min and then again placed on a condom. We did it again, he ejaculated inside of me, but once again no break on the condom. I'm not on birth control....and my parents scared me the other day because I had a starbucks,.and I wanted some pickles and they said wanting pickles and ice-creamy things are a sign of pregnancy.....I'm really paranoid and worried about this. It's been about 6 days since I had s_x...if anyone has info..please please let me know :(


nicksmmy - May 18

Calliopie: you are probably not pregnant. ehen do you expect your next period? Do your parents know you are having s_x? It is too early to be experiencing pregnancy signs...especially cravings. are your periods regular? Good luck


Calliopie - May 18

My next period shoud be within a week or so..and yeah they know I had s_x.


nicksmmy - May 18

wait till your next period and test if it is late. I am sure your not but if it will make you feel better. good luck


ashleyd - May 19

Hey :) you're probably not pregnant, and stressing about it will only make you think you are... just make sure from now on to use the condom the whole time (it sucks...I know)...


Emma2 - May 19

Youre most likely not pregnant and it is too early pregnant or not to have symptoms....Keep in mind pms and pregnancy symptoms are identical and can cause you to believe you are until AF shows. By the way I would suggest in the future to use protection at all times.....good luck


Grandpa Viv - May 19

Two weeks before your next period is in your fertile window, so if there was a sperm or two on the loose, it could have hit a home run. Your parents are having you on, knowing that you had s_x and wanting to tease a little. From now on why don't you slip in some v____al spermicide before your encounters (foam, film, insert) for backup against condom failure, and the week you are most fertile avoid temptation by dating in a group. Good luck!



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