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pita33351 - January 7

I'm 33 and have no idea whats going on...I had s_x on 11/13 (a condom was used) and through my online reasearch found out I was ovulating on that day as well. 2 weeks later (11/27) I got my period. This period was different. The flow was different and the color was lighter than my normal periods also my normal periods last 6 days with the 6th day being very light or spotting but this period lasted 7 days. Well through out my period and after it ended I kept having pregnancy like symptoms. I would get slightly nausea and sometimes in the middle of eating or I would smell my food I would feel sick and have to stop eating. My br___t hurt from time to time, my back and sides would hurt (sometimes my sides felt like they were pulling to the front) and my hips would hurt. I kept feeling like I was getting my period but it had already ended. I have blue veins across the top of my br___t as well as down my sides of my belly. My nipples looked bigger and so did my br___t. I took a HPT and it said neg. Well during this time I went to the doctors for my yearly check up (12/11) and told the Dr about my symptoms. She did a pregnancy test there and again neg. Next day did blood test also neg. but found out that blood test measures the same levels as the urine so of course it would match since they were only a day apart. Pap test and STD test all came back fine. An ultrasound was scheduled cause during my exam my pelvic area was tender to touch. The night before the U/S appt (12/30 around 10pm) I got my period. It was suppose to come on 12/28. Had the U/S and with a quick glance said she didn't see baby. If I was pregnant I would of been 6 weeks and 6 days from the date I had s_x so I'm sure they would of seen something if I was. After the quick glance for the baby she went back looking at my ovaries and stuff. She said everything looked good but would get the final results next week. Got the final results and everything is normal. Now back to this period that I just got the night before the U/S. This period is alot lighter than normal. So light that the last 5 days I could of worn a panty liner from the night before and the whole following day and would of been fine with nowhere close to having any leaks. Not like my normal periods. My normal periods are heavy with the last day being light. Well that period lasted 7 days also with the last day spotting. I'm still getting slight br___t pain but they no longer look bigger and the nipples also no longer look bigger either. Still get slight nausea from time to time, back pain, and my hips hurt. I keep getting the feeling that I'm getting my period which just ended. Any idea on whats going on with me???


Grandpa Viv - January 7

I guess you are going to have to research other reasons for your hormones being out of whack. Can pituitary or thyroid do this? God luck!



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