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sun14513 - March 26

Hi, I hope someone will be able to give me some advice. My boyfriend and I usually use the pull out method, yes we know we can get pregnant that way and we will be excited if we do. My periods had been heavy until my Feb. period. It was normal for me and lasted 5 days. I got my period on Feb.14th. We had s_x on Feb. 13th. My period ended on Feb.18th. My next period started on March 15th and was lighter than in Feb. and lasted 3.5 days. We had s_x on March 19th and am sure some of his semen got in me. My next period isn't due until April 12th. Today, March 26th I am extremely bloated, gassy, have a taste like I've been sucking on pennies in my mouth, tired, grouchy, touchy, my nipples have a weird tingly burning sensation, and all week I was nauseated. I know it's too early to test, but do you think I could be pregnant? I don't know when I actually ovulate for sure, but think I might be ovulating now. I have clear stretchy cm. Are my symptoms just wishful thinking? I've never had bloating and other symptoms this far before my next period was due. Thanks so much! wishful thinking ~ Sun


Grandpa Viv - March 27

It's almost certainly too early to be getting signs of pregnancy starting this cycle. Your nausea started on cycle day 7. If you are pregnant, it is from a contraceptive accident the last week of February, and a home preg test tomorrow morning first am pee should tell true. GL!


carlyxo - March 28

Im 14 years old, and my boyfriends 16. We've been having s_x plenty of times this past month not using a condom or birth control. I have no idea if im pregnant, and i dont think i wanna know by a test. Im exhausted, i had a light period for about two days. I have the worst backaches ever and im super moody. I also had a bladder infection, and something said it coud be a sign. what do you think? please help me.


carlyxo - March 31

please help me


Grandpa Viv - March 31

Yeah, I think you should a__sume youare pregnant unless you take a test and prove otherwise. A light period, exhausted, backaches, emotional and bladder infection all compute. How about changes in appet_te, smells, dreams, peeing more often, lightheaded moments, b___b and nip signs, upset gut, runny nose, lotion discharge etc? Don't forget prenatal vitamins, important at this stage. What kind of help do you need?


sun14513 - March 31

Carlyxo do you want to be pregnant? Has your period come or have you missed it yet?


missy_minx - April 1

hi carlyxo i was 15 when i got pregnant with my daughter an 16 when i had her. I know what you are going through and you must be really frightened. I never tested an hid my pregnancy from my mum. It was only when i pa__sed out in the local shop that my mum found out i was pregnant. i was taken straight for an ultrasound which confimed my pregnancy. You really should take a test sweetheart as i wish i had done and told my mum sooner. I never had any symptoms with my daughter. i am current 31 weeks pregnant with my second child and iv had every symptom u c ant think of. what you describe does sound like pregnancy symptoms. Especially the moodiness. as iv had this since day 1! Am here if you need to talk. xxxx



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