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ashleighfaye - January 5

Hello, i need some advice as im going crazy! my last period was on the 30th November, they have been very regular and very heavy for the last 6 months since i came off my implant. Everythings back to normal, my boyfriend came home on the 17th december from the RAF and we always have unprotected s_x as we would love a baby. Towards the end of the month i got the usual pre menstrual symptoms, cramps, bloating, wind (sorry) but my br___ts have got very large, more veins showing, my tummy is massive, and on the 27th (so 3 days early) i got brown discharge until the 30th and now nothing. I keep getting mild headaches, feeling weak and a little dizzy, but im still getting mild cramping and no period (obviously as it's past) but my peiod wasnt right, i did a test on the 30th (but i should still of been on my period) and another on the 3rd and are both showing negative for pregnancy, it would have been around the 16th/17th i should have ovulated as thats 14 days before my period is due, but if the brown was implantation (on the 27th-30th) when can i test again and get a positive? Please help as i dont really have anyone to talk to me about this and im going slightly insane Ashleigh x


Grandpa Viv - January 5

Good exposure and good signs! Some women don't get a positive until two weeks late, and a few even later. Test again the next couple of weekends using first morning pee, dip method. And give my regards to York, city of my ancestors 150 years back. GL!


gumpop - January 6

i need help too. :(( i experience "spotting" :( am i pregnant? the intercourse happened like dec 30th. :((


ashleighfaye - January 6

Thanks Grandpa Viv, im going to buy several types of tests today as ive only used asda own. I still have a wierd ace in my groin as though im about to start my af, however its nowhere near as strong as it would be if i was, do you think this is normal? York is such a wonderful place, your ancestors are very lucky to of been part of it, especially in such a great time. Gumpop when should your period have been due? is it regular? what are your symptoms? maybe we could go through this together :)


ashleighfaye - January 6

ive just remembered, if im right, i had a very short period on the 15th december, only lasted for 2/3 days, my boyfriend was only home from 17th december until the 3rd of january, would it be possible im too early to get a positive if that was AF? i normally get them regularly on the 30th, but i do remember being at work a couple of days before he came home and thinking it was wierd?


Grandpa Viv - January 6

Ashleigh, I am wondering if that spotting on the 15th could relate to an unusual ovulation - sometimes there is spotting as the follicle ruptures and releases the egg. If your tests don't come up with a positive, you may just be experiencing a weird cycle. See a doc if you miss a second period with no positive test.


ashleighfaye - January 6

Yes i was also wondering this, it just seems very wierd that i have every pregnancy symptom and nothing seems to be showing, i have been on contraception for 7 years constantly and have been off my implant (implanon) for nearly 8 months and it seems to have been fine every month until now. i will make an appointment next week once ive retested, thankyou so much for your advice, i will keep you posted :) x


ashleighfaye - January 11

I need some help again. Im still having abdominal cramps, very mild ones, appear to be getting worse today. I still havnt had a positive test, but my periods for the last 6 months have been on the 30th of each month, im confused as to why last month i had a very short heavy period on the 15th and i appear to be getting symptoms of af which if it starts will be near the 15th again, i also had the brown discharge on the 27th which i thought was my actual period as thats when its normally due. any ideas? x


dug - January 11

Can anyone tell me what to think? My cycles are not 100% regular, but lately its been every 28 days so i should have been due for my period Jan 6. that morning i had 2 tiny spots of blood on the tp when i peed, but nothing else. now Im 5 days late and still nothing. for the past 2 weeks or so i have been nauseous in the mornings, but by noon it is gone. past 2 days i have not been nauseous, but have a lower back ache. Also tired. Simply dont feel right. Last month my period was on time (dec. 9), but weird... Normally im really heavy the first day but i started out really light and over 4 days it never amounted to a whole lot. Took hpt on Jan.9- negative. but it was a really cheap test that doesn't test really low levels. My b___sts are a little sensitive, but not real sore. Maybe I am imagining it, but it seems like they are growing and the nipples are bigger and slightly darker. I have gained a few pounds and my belly simply looks pregnant (could be I just ate too well... but I am thin and never weighed this much before!). Am I so eager to be pregnant that i'm imagining it all?? I hate buying hpt to get negatives! Thanks for any advice!


Grandpa Viv - January 11

Ashleigh, this sequence of events is not standard early pregnancy fare. I encourage you to see a doctor, especially if your cramps get dramatically worse. Let us know how it goes.


Grandpa Viv - January 11

dug, the light Dec period made me wonder if you are already 8 weeks pregnant with mild signs, but your test should have showed positive at 8+ weeks. If you got pregnant during December another couple of tests at weekly intervals will be needed. A cyst can also cause these signs, and a doctor checkup would be necessary to figure that. GL!


firechic74 - January 12

I took a HPT yesterday and it was positive. I am 2 months late so I called my doctor and did a test at the office. This was positive too. He sent me for lab work. I get a phone call today telling me that my HCG level is lower than expected for the dates I gave them of my last period. I could be off by a week as I had just had surgery the begining of November. I had one day of spotting in december and nothing since. What are the chances that I am still pregnant


dug - January 17

Ok, Im really confused. Im pretty sure I am pregnant because the symptoms seem pretty obvious. I have had a lower back ache for a week already and I haven't done anything that could cause it. Im really tired lately. A little queasy in the mornings, but not real bad (it was worse a few weeks ago... so if my Dec period wasnt really my period and i am over 8 weeks already that would make sense). My b___sts were really sore in Dec. but now they are getting better, but still sensitive. I took a HPT Thursday (jan 13- a week after I was due for my period) and it was faintly positive (like really faint) but i figured maybe it was so faint because I drank a gla__s of water before without thinking. Now this morning (jan 17- 12 days late) I took another one and it is still really faint.. maybe even fainter than the last one, but could have been i was really sleepy. I thought it should get darker by now... I was hoping for a really obvious positive! Besides the faint HPTs everything seems like im already 2 months along cuz my tummy is really growing... its popped out! I don't think that is normal at 1 month especially considering this is my first pregnancy (but then again I am short and thin, so maybe that makes a difference). Im about to go crazy... I am going to make a Dr appointment to see what they can tell me, but im afraid these really faint lines mean im gonna have a miscariage.


Molee58 - January 17

I need help to ... I'm 14 and in the 8th grade ... I had unprotected s_x 2 weeks ago , and now I can't eat anything , got a head ache ... Feel like vomiting , and I don't know what to do ... My parents and 20 yeah old sister all think I'm a innocent little girl ... So if I tell them I know I'll b dead ... Am I pregnant ?


barby_76 - January 18

I could use some help too. My last period was on Dec. 15 2010 and I normally have very regular 27-28 day cycles. I started spotting on Jan 4. 2011. It started out bright red but then changed to light pink/brown for the next 3 days and was really light (barely needed a pantyliner). I also had zero cramping which I normally get with my period. So here I am 6 days late with a negative HPT. I've had mild cramping but it doesn't feel the same as my normal PMS cramps do. I've also had bloating, increased appet_te, some fatigue and nausea (only after eating) and night sweats (3 times in the last 2 weeks...never had them before). Any ideas??


Grandpa Viv - January 18

Barby, run another test a week after the last, using first morning pee. Could you have had a contraceptive mishap between Christmas and New Year? Other signs might include lotion discharge, more frequent peeing, lightheaded moments, vivid dreams, b___st and nip signs, crying, backache etc. GL!


billysmummy - January 27

i could really do with some help please im going out of my mind i have all pregnancy symptoms morning sickness (well any time of day) my belly is bloated and my god i have b___bs lol ive had 3 home tests done they were neg and also a docs blood test also neg but i feel i am pregnant this will be my 4th pregnancy i just need help really cause i feel pregnant and look it 2 but i cannot remember my last period!! could i be pregnant



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