Could I Be Pregnant Seeking Advice

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Angel - August 18

Hi all.. I'm looking for some advice..... I stopped taking the pill on the 11th of June, got my period as normal a week after. In the month of June, we weren't totally trying 100% (they say you should wait a month) but we did have s_x around the time of ovulation. And then, my period came 3 days early, 1 day really light and 3 days of normal, but not as heavy as normal, bleeding. I assumed I wasn't pregnant and we tried again seriously throughout July. We had s_x 2 days before ovulation and a few days after. Now, this month, my period was a FULL week late! and it started with 2 days of very, very, very light brownish color and 1 1/2 days of lighter-than-normal-but-heavier-than-spotting bleeding. I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms, but as I've read online, you don't really have to.. I'm big br___ted already, so I wouldn't notice anything there so soon and the queasiness is just every now and then.. Is it worth purchasing a HPT or should I assume it's my body getting back to normal after pills and try again this month ? Thanks for any info... Cheers, Angel


! - August 16

It's pretty much a definite no, that you are pregnant at the moment, as you are having periods. Periods can be absent or different for a few cycles when coming off the pill, it's completely normal for them to be late or of a different nature to what you are used to. Keep trying.


Jess - August 18

I recently came off the pill in april, after being on it for 10 years. For the first two cycle they came as planned. The in June I was experiencing all the symptoms of pregnancy and then my period came three days early and was lighter and shorter than the norm. Afterwards the symptoms gradually disappeared. What I had was a chemical pregnancy in that the fertilized egg did not have sufficient time to implant itself to the uterine walls and therefore I misscarried early due to having a short luteal cycle. My cycle has gone from 30 to 26 and is now at 27 and my luteal phase went from 9 days to 11. Now just having my period for the month of August, I feel as if my body is finally normalizing itself. Doctors recommend that you wait at least three months before trying to conceive to reduce the chances of misscarriages. But for some women it can take up to a year before they are successful at conceiving. If you think you may have conceived go to your doctor and get a urine or blood test done. I would recommend charting your temp and fertility signs as it will help you to see what your body is doing (if you aren't already) - it has helped me.



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