Could I Be Pregnant Help Needed Please

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alwaysonthego08 - March 2

My last period started Feb. 5. My bf and I had unprotected s_x on the last 4 days of it (it was a long one and very light the last few days). I always thought that it was safe to do so during your period because you couldn't get pregnant. But now I am reading that it is possible to get pregnant this way... Okay so even if I didn't get pregnant then..... All the ovulation calendars I tried out said that the 22-26 of Feb. would be my ovulation dates. But my period has always been kind of irregular. It usually skips a month maybe twice a year. 26th of Feb... we messed around in the shower...didn't have a condom on, but he didn't ejaculate.. used condoms earlier that day and after the shower. 27th of Feb... we used a condom, but it broke (it was a Trojan..brand new box *roll eyes*) So I went to Walmart and picked up some Conceptrol. The directions said to use an hour before intercourse and I read on a google search that it's kind of like "shutting the barn door after the horse has already run out". The 27th was the last time we had s_x, and today I've had a very very light pink spotting going on and I have an awful headache all day, and some mild cramping. Could I be pregnant? If I am, could the Conceptrol affect the baby?


rrrrebecca22 - March 2

i'm having a similar situation...hope you get some helpful answers! good luck :)


alwaysonthego08 - March 3

Update: This is my 3rd day of light is very light and I only notice it when the toilet paper is pinkish after I go to the bathroom. I've also had light cramps as well, but only on my right side. Today my lower back has been really hurting...could just need to do some yoga :)


HappyAsh - March 3

It sounds like it could be your period if it was light last month chances are that's what it is.


alwaysonthego08 - March 3

Last month's was very heavy at first though. I never have spotting before my period just starts. Actually I never have spotting at all when it's not my period...That's what has me concerned.


K-jean - March 4

there is a chance you could be pregnant. Especially if the condom broke. Also, the pull out method doesn't always work. You can still get pregnant with pre ejaculation. So wait a couple of days and if your period doesn't come, then take a HPT just to be sure you aren't pregnant good luck :)



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