Could I Be Pregnant No Period Since 12 8 Now 02 13

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Maria Unsure - February 13

Hello all. I have been trying to get prego for 4 years now. Well now I have NO period since 12/8/06 and its now 02/13/07. I havent really had any prego symptoms, except like around new years eve My br___t hurt soooooo bad for like a week. I thought it was bcz my priod was coming, but low and behold , no period. I have been feelin nauseated sometimes in the mornings, and also sometimes at night. Sometimes my gums bleed out the blue. I took 2 hpt's two weeks ago , both negative, maybe I took it too early. Well I have an appointment thursday 2/15. We shall see what the verdict is. What do you all think?


Maybe Baby - February 14

Hi Maria, I'm in exactly the same situation with very similar dates! I too havn't had my period since the week of the 11th December. Took my 1st pregnancy test today and it was a BFN... I've had hardly any symptoms except for tender b___sts, headaches and quite emotional. Before I took the test I was so convinced I was pregnant and now... I guess I'm not. But I'm now curious to why I haven't started my period. Hope your appointment goes well. ; )


vistagirl81 - February 14

Hi Maria, i am in the same situation with similar dates im last pd was Dec 9th had a blood test neg,,,, 10Th of feb when i wipped there was pinkish discharge and clear mucus like discharge also....... another neg test.i have a apt on the 15th also so i wish u both the best of luck :P


krissy2006 - February 15

Being without a period for more than 2 months is indicative of a cyst, thryoid issues, exercising WAY too hard or weight issues (too heavy or too thin).... If you are two months without your period, and you are still getting negative pregnancy tests, odds are you aren't pregnant and you have a cyst causing hormone imbalances that give you pregnancy symptoms.



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