Could I Be Pregnant Or Is It Just Wishful Thinking

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roxy14j - February 1

This is probably going to be a silly question but I had intercourse on my most fertile day which was the 20th and about a week ago I started bloating and feeling sick if I dont eat and sick if I do I have also had a headache all week and have been more sleepy then usual and have been eating heaps and yesterday I had a spot of really light pink blood twice and then that was it. When I go to bed and lay on my side my belly starts to heat up I am not due for my period until the 5th. Could I be pregnant or is it some type of flu or bug?? I am open for suggestions. Thanks


carla123 - February 1

well cos you had that light bleeding that could indicate implantation bleeding. and also your symtoms sound promising cos you started feeling about week ago which would mean that could of been 7 days past ovulation and thats when you start feeling different. but if your not due for af till 5th i would till then to take hpt. x


Grandpa Viv - February 1

Tired, ga__sy, nauseous, appet_te, spotting, headache, hot flashes are good signs. If your temperature is not over 99.5F it is not likely the flu. Take a test first pee Sunday morning and another a week later. Good luck!


aaronsbaby - February 1

yep sounds like it take a home pregnancy test


AmySmoak - February 2

I am going through the same thing. I also had very light spotting 6 dpo. Very bad headaches, bloating, nausea, hungery all the time, and over heat easily. I hope that I am pregnant! You to if you are trying! Best of luck! Cross fingers and saying prayers! **Baby Dust**


roxy14j - February 5

I started my period today but it is really different I usually get it really heavy from day one but it is much lighter and just spotting when I go to the toilet. Could I still be pregnant or should I just save my money on a hpt.


MammaJL - February 5

You can buy a hpt at the dollar store for a dollar.. if you're not sure what's going on it wouldn't hurt to test.


Twinmom2be - February 5

I would test. I had ib for 9 days and it was bright red, pink and brown in color.Good luck.


MammaJL - February 5

hi twin mom... Am I reading this right? you had irregular bleeding for 9 days and you're preggo?


Twinmom2be - February 5

Well, I already had my babies (7 months old) but yes, I started spotting 8 dpo just pink, I got a + hpt 12 dpo and starting spotting bright red 13 dpo and I did not stop until 16 dpo. Good luck.



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