Could I Be Pregnant Or Not

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Tarnya - February 9

I hope I don't confuse anyone with this but I'm a bit confused. I got what I thought was my period on the 17th December. It was only 2 days and it was dark brown to pick. Afterwards I started to get pregnancy sysmtoms, lower back pain, cramps, bigger breasts, I couldn't eat anything with oil in and I still can't. January 14th my period came again, this time was a sandy colour and bright pink. From then, I've had veins on my breats, my nipples have gotten bigger, bloated in even. My appetite comes and goes. I decided to go to the doctors today as I would be around the 7 weeks mark. I asked for a quantitive blood test which came back at 4 (needs to be 5). I also had a ultersound which came back negative,but the doctod said that just because there's nothing on the screen doesn't mean I'm not pregnant. I feel like I'm going nuts. Do you think I'm pregnant or is my body tricking me? Any advice about what I can do now?


Jujubeans2008 - February 11

I'm in the same boat as you.  My last period was on Christmas Day.  I spotted on January 22- and when I say spotted it was all brown and only there when I wiped.  Normally my period are pretty heavy as I have endemetriosis.  I never had cramps or anything.  I also have the lower back pain, no appetite, lethargic, trouble sleeping and when I do they are terribly vivid nightmares, bigger breasts, I have more prominent veins on my breast however I stopped my birth control therefore I'm not sure if these symptoms happen if you ovulate.  I've been on birth control since I was 14 and I am 28 so I don't really know anything about ovulation or what it feels like.  From what I've read ultrasounds can't see a whole lot until you are about ten weeks pregnant.  I wouldn't dismiss it.  If you had a period that was pink it might have been an early miscarriage.  Then again, people get their periods all of the time when they are pregnant.  This whole pregnancy thing confuses me.  I feel like I'm losing my mind. 

All of my urine tests are negative.  The blood test was done just at a week after my missed period and the results were just "negative" they didn't give me a number.  They did both blood tests.  Although it is common in my family to give false negatives for quite some time before finally getting a positive.


eseymour150 - March 4

I think you need to wait some more. It's already March. How are you doing now?



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