Could I Be Pregnant Really Panicking

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ell nutini - July 17

I apologise now if this is a little bit of an essay but for you to understand what I'm going through I need to tell you everything without missing details off. I would appreciate it if you didn't judge me and gave me serious answers only. I have been panicking for the past few months that I may be pregnant. I would be at a real loss if I was and would have to do some serious thinking. In my franticness I have taken around 16 pregnancy tests all in the mornings but at different times. I have been pregnant before at 17 (around six years ago) and had to terminate at 9weeks, it was a mistake, and I had only just stopped having treatment for anorexia... I was in a bad place. It was the single most horrific experience of my life and I think my worry is stemming through ever having to re-live it. I have still been having periods (light-medium). I haven't gained any weight. The only differences in me are my heavy feeling/swollen tummy, dull aches in my tummy, and my nipples have 'milk-spots' or more scientifically 'montgomery tubercles'. If I was pregnant both my partner and I can only see how it could have been from one time around 17weeks ago. I have been to the doctors and have told them about how worried I have been and how it's playing on my mind - they have finally (after blood tests been taken for other things) found that I have low FSH and LH levels and consequently agreed to send me for an ultrasound scan to check all of my lower pelvis - for pregnancy, ovarian cysts and any signs of swelling or things that may be cancerous (also got to have a trans va___al ultrasound :() The reasons I think I could be pregnant are - around 17 weeks ago I had unprotected s_x. This isn't as bad as it seems as myself and my partner have been together for 8years, both are s_xually healthy and I take the contraceptive pill 'Femodene'. Now, 17weeks ago I had loose stools (not diarreah) and took my pill 6hours late as I was waiting for the stools to become more solid again. They became more solid but then as the day wore on losened once again. My ultrasound isn't until the 27th of this month and I am wearing a hole in my brain because I do not want a child - by the time I had the scan I would be 19 weeks pregnant. Can anyone shed any light on this, please? (I am not meaning to upset/offend anyone with any of the information I have contained here. I appreciate everyone's circ_mstance, I am just very worried :()


lisa2u2 - July 17

if you are prg , you will be a grate mum, no matter what,,, you will do your best and will look back on this and know its all for a reson , tho you dont know yet, as you havent been well with your eating and prob not had reg periods your bodys been all over the place, you might even have IBS Irritable bowel syndrome look it up and see what you think ,, dont go looking for answers you wont find them on here , the only way to know is going to the hospital and getting your tests good luck with everything



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