Could I Be Pregnant So Soon After My Miscarriage

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Desiree - May 7

On march 26th 2005 i miscarried my first child. I am only 18(young) and recently got with my boyfriend and we've been having s_x almost every night no protection and no birth control method- since april 28th- in the past few days i have been vomiting, lightheadedness, urinating alot more- as much as my first one and i have been eating alot more. My Cycle was from april 24-27- i took a test and it came out negative but if so why am i still sick to my stomach and having the same abdominal pains and symptoms- could i be?


Danielle - May 7

I had a m/c on March 9th and on April 8th I took a p/t and it came back +. I went to the doctor and my hcg levels are very high 56,000. I did an u/c on May 6th and only found a empty sac. My doctor thinks I'm just really early in my pregnancy.


Are you trying?? - May 7

Are you ttc?! You're only 18 years old and "young" as you said yourself... If you are not ttc why would you not use contraceptives?!


? - May 7

Desiree...when i miscarried, they said to look for signs like vomiting and things like that, because there could be an infection, i would call your doctor asap, and see what they want you to do.


?? - May 7

If you only recently got with your boyfriend, why would you be trying for a baby? Give it more time and make time for your relationship, or you'll end up a very single mom!


Think girl - May 8

What are you doing? I think god might have been doing you a favor the first time. Sorry if that's sounds harsh, but you are too young to be trying to have a baby especially with a boyfriend you haven't been with very long. I would go see you doctor to see what might be going on. If you are not pg, for now on USE PROTECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


? - May 10

its really not up to us when this women decides to have a baby, the real issue here is that something could be wrong with all of the vomiting and things like that. desiree, seriously i think that you should go to your doctor good luck!



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