Could I Be Prego ALREADY Any Advise Would Help

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kk - March 10

I had my last period feb 26, and just got off the pill the 2nd of March. period ended the 3rd, then had some lite brown blood/discharge when I wiped for the next 2 days - hubby & i had s_x the 6th & 7th. Then on the 8th of march I had the egg white discharge which I THINK means ovulation. Just curious if I could be prego already - br___ts are a little tender - but I am not due for next P until the 26th of March. Please help. I am scheduled for extrations of Wisdom teeth on the 18th & need to cancel if prego - but not sure if its too early to test - Any info would be GREAT - (my first time on here)


Audrey - March 10

kk- If you had s_x one-two days before ovulation, there's a good chance you became pregnant. It won't show up on a test until around the time you expect your next period. Unfortunately it's too late for the morning-after pill (if it has been more than 72 hours). Watch for light spotting over the next few days which will be implantation bleeding. Best wishes!


Missy - March 10

I had my last period on 12/26, stopped taking pill 12/23 (3 days before) and I am 11 weeks pregnant - I got pregnant within one week of being off the pill so you very well could be. Good luck!!


kk - March 11

I sure hope I am pg - but am concerned regarding the extractions - I don't want to worry the entire pregnancy re: birth defects etc. If I go to the dr for a pg test - would they be able to detect it already? Thanks for your help!


Grandpa Viv - March 11

Coming off the pill can produce confusing signs. Your periods while on the pill are pill-induced. When your next period will be is unknowable. Your bod has to get synced up to a natural rhythm, which may take a while. You can test the day before your extraction if it eases your mind, but there's a high chance it will be negative.


Hailey - March 12

I am in the same boat..i stopped the pill feb 9th, got my period the 11th and had s_x 17-21st... and think i could be pg...i haven't gotten AF yet....still no signs today...knock on wood! could i really be pg?


G - March 13

For kk- It takes on average 10 days for the blastocyst (fertalized egg) to implant. If you ovulated on the 8th, the implantation would just be occuring when you are having the extractions. I think its too early for anything to happen. The cells would just be multiplying at that stage. But trust your gut. Hailey- I stopped the pill on Feb 6. Had period Feb10-15, had major PG symptoms until 2 days before my natural period came early on March 8. (Shorter Cycle than on the pill) When I ovulated I had the egg white discharge and a huge glob which I attributed to my cervical plug coming out. That is one barrier down. So if that happened to you there is a good chance you may have concieved. Your body coming off the pill can be irregular, mine was a bit messed up, but AF came. Sometimes ovulation does not occur and a period does not happen. If your period does not come for 6 months its advised that you see your doctor for meds that stimulate ovulation. If your period doesn't come in the next week I'd test to put your mind at rest. Good Luck!


kk - March 13

thanks for the advise G - I am calling my Dr tomorrow to talk w/ her & find out if she can test - we went to the drug store for a pg test & they all say to test closer to a missed period & mine isn't due until the 25th or 26th - so i'm sure I would get a negative either way - I'm just so worried IF by some crazy chance we DID get pg that fast that the sedation for exts would cause birth defects. Hopefully dr will ease my mind!


Skyla - March 18

To G What do you mean by "cervical plug", what does this mean?


Lisette - March 19

Grandpa Viv, you say that "Coming off the pill can produce confusing signs." All I've heard people say is that they have irregular cycles when they come off the pill. This is my first cycle off the pill (LMP 2/21), could this be why my BBs and nipples are enlarged and sore? I'm also having indigestion, nausea, fatigue, etc and it's hard for me to believe I could already be pregnant...could it just be the effects of coming off the pill? I was on it for 5 years.



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