Could I Have A Neg Hpt And Have Pos Blood Test

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kcsyeksnlove - June 12

Okay, Went to the doctor this morning and he did a pelvic exam. I explained that I had missed 2 period no spotting and everything else. The whole exam took 5 min less and he said that my utures wasn't enlarged but he was going to give me a blood test and if that came back neg then he would put me on provera. He said that the reason why I might have missed two periods could be becasuse I am over weight I am suppose to weight 150 and I weight 214 I have gained 14 pounds in 2 months! But I mean I have weighted that much before (165) and I thought I was too this for the size of my bones. I mean I know I'm a little over weight but I atleast don't look like I am that big. I look way thinner than people that say they weigh the same as me. I am just kinda depressed now. I hate how my mind and my body plays tricks on me. I always was waiting for the first time I missed my period so I could go take the test and see my bfp but when that happened 2 months I took it and all I got is bfn. Any how I was just wondering if anybody ever got neg hpt and got bfp on blood test. thanx for letting me talk


AllyR - June 12

I have heard of people getting negative hpt's well into the 12th week but getting a postive on a blood test. I'll keep you in my prayers. Best Wishes to you!


Rhonda - June 12

A urine test takes longer to detect the hormone(hcg)A blood test can detect a pregnancy much sooner.Someone had said 10-12 days for a blood test is best to wait.


bethtwo - June 12

I know how you feel! I am 5'4" and 207 lbs. I don't look it though, I am pretty "compact" compared to others who are pretty flabby. Sorry. I don't mean to sound rude. Anyway, a blood test is much more accurate I would think. But I don't think the dr. should be blaming anything on your weight! I'd want an ultrasound before starting any pill to make me start a period.


kcsyeksnlove - June 12

It's just that I have weight pretty much the same for a while now except gaining 14 pounds in 2 months but it has never stoped me from having my AF before. He asked me if I smoked did drugs and drank and I told him no and the same for my spouse then he said well I don't know why you wouldn't beable to get pregnant but then went on about the weight thing again. So I am doing everything I can to make it work. No eating after 7pm except for veggies and fruit like he said and I have been walking. I hope it will all work out good


kcsyeksnlove - June 12

oh he told me to also take, breads, pasta, potatoes, soda, and sugar completly out of my diet. I told him that I don't dring any soda and he told me that I had to have drank some I told him no I don't drink any and he asked me what did I drink then and I told him just water and milk he was a little shocked but it made me a little upset. My blood pressure was a little high for my age he said it was 130/78 which isn't too high but I think it might have been caused from me being nervious since this was my first pelvic exam ever. I was really nervous. I told him that I checked it at work daily and it was always 120/70 but he didn't really listen. And I think for what I do I get regular excersise. I am a cna at a nursing home. I walk 3 1/2 miles at work alone. But I guess I will just try harder.


Rhonda - June 13

It's true that being over weight can cause your period to to be absent,but also can be caused by stress,being sick,being underweight,bcp.Sometimes for some reason a urine test will keep showing a bfn when indeed you are pregnant.A blood test should defently be done.Good luck to you.



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