Could I Still Be Ladies Please Read

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Dannygirl - November 18

my last period was oct. 12th and i know that i ovulated around 26th because i took a test. but I think I ovulated longer... if that is possible or twice this month. I think this because the discharge while you are ovulating seemed to have lasted a long time.I have had all symptoms come and go. Now this month I was 4 days late and started very heavy bleeeding that only was heavy one day the 16th. Late night on the 16th it turned into a brown discharge and has stayed that way. Could I still be pregnant? I took a test 4:30am on the 16th and negative.... is this implatation bleeding? Please help....


to dannygirl - November 18

I doubt that would be Ib since it was so heavy but you never know. Maybe your doctor could do a blood test or wait until next month and see if af comes at all. good luck!.


dannygirl - November 18

anyone else with any answers...please


Ashley - November 18

My last period was oct 12 also and I ovulated around the 26th too was due for af on 11/9 and had taken several tests and all were neg. but af didn't come so i took a test that night on 11/9 and got a bfp! I don't think it would have been ib because ib is usually just a light bleed for a day -3days. I don't think you're pregnant but you never know. Everybody's body is different. Do you have any symptoms right now? Though my hunch says youre probably not pg.


dannygirl - November 18

i have symptoms.... they come and go. my nipples are still sore. Not normal.


Ashley - November 18

I had the same cycle dates as you and I am 6wks along as of yesterday. I think if you were it would have shown up on a test by now.


no - November 18

ib is not heavy...its ur period


Dannygirl - November 18

it was heavy for half a day and now brown discharge... not heavy at all. my period is usuaslly 6-7 days long. the way that it is right now is like day 6 of my usual period.


sorry - November 18

Highly doubt it


To you all - November 18

Just to let those ladies know who think that ib isnt heavy ...I was pregnant last year (m/c) and my ib was heavy for three days and I later found out I was carrying twins. Everyone is different.


Jenny - November 19

Dannygirl. I have the SAME THING. I had AF (after being two days late) for one day and then all brown discharge for the next three. I just don't feel right at all. my nipples hurt, i am so dizzy and nauseous every day but all tests are neg. maybe something else is wrong - i don't know....maybe i just won't take no for an answer since my dh and i have been trying since january!!! I am going to test again. if you get any answers, please let me know and I will do the same. good luck. Also to "To you all", thanks for the hope and so sorry to hear about your m/c. Good luck to all ttc!!!!


Becky - November 20

Well I am also in the same boat. My last normal period was also oct 12th. I was due for my period on the 7th. on the 8th I started spotting. the 7th was very light then the 8th Spotting brown again. I feel bloted and mild cramping in my low abdomen and my BBs are sore but I have only gotten negitives on the tests. I think I am going to call the doc and see if he will do a blood test for me. With my DD it showed pos the day I missed so I would think it would show up by now. Good Luck


Adrianna - November 20

Becky, remember that every pregnancy is different, so you never know. Dannygirl, if you really believe you are then I would get a blood test, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Dannygirl - November 21

ok this has been a really wierd cycle... I was 4 days late when I started bleeding heavy on the 16th it turned into brown discharge that night. It was just a brown discharge until saturday. On saturday I didnt have any bleeding until I had s_x then there was light pink but went away when I cleaned up. Now nothing.... my nipples are still sore and I feel like I am going to get sick. What is up with my body? Should I test again or wait?



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