Could I Still Be Pregnant

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deansdrmr - March 10

I am 41 yrs old. In early November had blood test, showing I was pregnant, had ultrasound mid December, everything was fine. Next week began to bleed, went to emergency room, was told everything was still fine, termed it unusual bleeding. I might add that the neither ultrasound picked up the baby. First detected 5-6 weeks pregnant by measurement of sac, second showed 6-7 weeks. Three days later I was told I was having a miscarriage. I had severe pains, lots of blot and clots and my hcg level had dropped. My doctor gave me pain killers but did nothing else. In February they checked my blood and I still had HCG level of 57. I questioned how this could be, the doctor just said it takes a while to get out of your system. It is now 5 weeks later, I still feel pregnant, have some of the signs, stomach seems to be getting bigger and the last few days my br___t have become very tender again. I might also mention, I have continuously spotted since December, at times light, often heavy. I question the doctor and they just tell me everything is fine. Is it possible I could still be pregnant, or just wishful thinking?


Megs - March 10

Have you had any other u/s to detect if anything can be seen?? Baby or some tissue left over? I have heard, unfortunately, about some left over tissue remaining and cause HCG levels and other symptoms to show pregnancy. How about another HCG test to check if numbers are going up or down? That would be the best I can provide... Sorry. I wish you well!!!


Emmie - March 10

Maybe by some chance you were pg with twins. I have heard of that happening before-or you got pg right afterward-I would definitly take a test and see.


HeavenisMine - March 12

Or perhaps you got pg again?


jag2029 - March 12

I would recommend seeing another doctor who will listen to you. I have a friend who experienced a miscarriage and had to have a D&C in order to remove the remaining tissue. If you dont have it removed it might not always work its way out on its own and could still be showing high levels.


alicia1 - March 12

some of the things you describe remind me of when i had an ectopic. i spotted for a month before one day of pain and heavy bleeding when expelling a 6wk sized placenta and other ma__s same evening. That caused me to go to ER where they told me i was pregnant (urine test). When checked v____ally by hand...nothing. Ultrasound...nothing. But HCG doubling daily. Treated for ectopic w/ onset of extreme pain ( emotional as well as physical after ttc 5 yrs). Heavy sore b___sts, spotting, pelvic pain, pregnant "look" for over a month. Shots to terminate pregnancy administered again after HCG levels didn't drop completely. Did I have a miscarriage AND ectopic pregnancy? Never got a straight answer. Anyway, it took a couple monthsto fully recover physically before I stopped spotting and began a "normal" cycle. Body does new things since then which was 2 yrs ago (b___st now throb during PMS[whippie!]). So my opinion foryou is: might be your body preparing for a new cycle. I experienced all kinds of craziness during the months after, not knowing what to think (at hosp. 5x w/in 2mo span.) It is scary and it's better to be informed, i think. Consider getting a second opinion to ease you worries. I wish i had. Good Luck.



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